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Friday, April 29, 2016

FMSD Social at DiMille's: Bring Donation Items for Homeless Youth

This event will repeat on the First Wednesday of each month.

Wednesday, May 4, 6PM

DiMille's Italian Restaurant, on the patio
3492 Adams Ave (corner of 35th and Adams in Normal Heights)
San Diego CA 92116-2434

FetishMen's Social… Meant to introduce kinky men to each other in a pleasant, quiet environment.  Many men want to get away from their computer and phone displays and meet up with possible new friends, to get news about upcoming events, and to become closer to a community that wants to welcome them.

Maybe that's you!

There is no dress code, except no bare ass or tits, brothers.  You don't have to buy anything, either. Your company is what we crave.  Come on by, be relaxed, and get introduced around at your own comfort-level.

This Month's Theme:  Homeless Youth

From Kurt:

Hello my fellow FMSD guys.

It’s almost that time of year again, when our S.D. Summer finally does get here, that we will have the annual influx of homeless kids, and we are clearly a magnet for them.  Lots of them.  From everywhere!

I’ve mentioned that I help provide white sox and dinner for at least 50 kids, every Friday night.  It became my passion.  Their adolescent brains aren’t yet fully developed, and they sleep outdoors and dig in the trash for food.  I’m just not ok with it.

And one of the things they always ask me for, is White Sox.  White gym sox.  White seems to stay drier and has no dyes.  They always ask me … “Kurt, did you bring us any white sox?”  Even trashed sneakers are also a big winner.  Yea, really cuz they walk a lot, foraging.  Duh.

Next Wednesday, I’ll be at our monthly dinner at DiMille’s, and am extending the invitation to everyone to please look around and see if you have any extra White Sox that maybe have a hole at the toe, or underwears, or an extra Hoodie (it does get cold at 04:00am), sunscreen (they’re always outdoors), razors, t-shirts and jeans / shorts, that you can donate, with you to our dinner.

As Martha S. once said … if you haven’t used it in a year … off-load it.

The bed of my truck will be empty, so just throw what ya don’t need or use anymore into a trash bag and please bring it to our Wednesday dinner, next week on May 4th,ok?

During last winter’s cold rains, we opened up an “on demand” shelter, and bed sheets and pillows are always useful, too.

We now have washer / dryers if stuff needs to be laundered.  They were donated, as was the labor to install them, so the kids can have “clean” clothes.

The labor and hardware was also donated for showers, so the kids can be clean and end their downward spiral, cuz how can you panhandle, or even look for a job if you look like you slept in the bushes?

Btw, statistically 40% of homeless kids are gay.  Just sayin’, that even in 2016, in some parts of America, its still not ok to be gay, much less kinky.  Damn.

Btw #2 … cans of gravy, veggies / fruit and un-cooked pasta can become most anything in our industrial kitchen.  We have a very creative professional chef and he taught me to how to prepare ramen for 100 kids ( all those little packages ), and to stir-fry for 75, and make medallions. ( I didn’t know what that is … cooking was not my kink ).

The newest phrase I’ve learned from the kids is “God Bless You.”  I now say it all the time.

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