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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Show & Tell, This Saturday!

Table of Contents

I. Fetish Show & Tell
II. Gear Invasion - Tom of Finland
III. Upcoming Community Events
IV. From ME to YOU

I. Fetish Show & Tell - Saturday, 10/28

Saturday, October 28, 2017
5:00PM to 8:00PM
Location: Email
Cost: Donations to FMSD are welcome, otherwise Free!

Join us for Fetish Show & Tell, the first reincarnation of the Fetish Men San Diego discussion group. This early evening discussion will give those of us sticking around during Palms Springs Leather Pride weekend a chance to catch up and talk about our commonalities - the things that turn us on!

Discussion will be lead by Brothers Brett and Brian, and will give each person the opportunity to talk about the thing that turns them on. From cigars and fire, to role play, leather and water sports, this is an open table discussion for you to talk about that special something that does it for you! If you are so inclined, bring something to show the group that represents your fetish, and bring a friend to introduce them to FMSD. The more the merrier!

If there is enough interest, members are welcome to bring food to share with the group or a small donation to order food for our brothers to enjoy during the discussion!

II. Gear Invasion - Tom of Finland

Come and Join the Fun on November 1st, at The Historic Landmark Ken Theater for the Film based on the Life of Tom of Finland! Wear Your Favorite Leather Gear in Celebration of the Man who inspired the Revolution.

Known to the world as Tom of Finland, the proudly erotic drawings of artist Touko Laaksonen shaped the fantasies of a generation gay men, influencing art and fashion before crossing over into the wider cultural consciousness. But who was the man behind the leather? Dome Karukoski’s stirring biopic follows his life from the trenches of WWII and repressive Finnish society of the 1950s through his struggle to get his work published in California, where he and his art were finally embraced amid the sexual revolution of the 1970s. Tom’s story is one of love, courage and perseverance, mirroring the gay liberation movement for which his leather-clad studs served as a defiant emblem.

Make sure to be at the Historic San Diego Ken Cinema to come together with our brothers and sisters in leather, for a night of rejoice and pride in Who We Are. There will be a raffle in support of the Leather Foundation* during this event, so please help by giving back where you can!

*The Leather Foundation is a 501c3 that helps those in need here in San Diego, and also provides condoms and lube for safer sex practices for social events.

III. Upcoming Community Events

HPP Lab - Communication & Position Training
Saturday, October 28, 2017
12PM to 2PM
Location: House of Black, email
Cost: $10 for Non-members, payment can be made at the door.
Description: Pup Bandit will be going over the higher levels skills involved in training pets and pups for this form of Human/animal role play. This class will focus on the skills pets use to communicate with their humans, as well as the intention behind command and position training. Doriam is excited to teach this class for House of Black for their Human Pet Play Lab.

LOCK-tober Chastity Social
Saturday, October 28, 2017
3PM to 6PM
Location: San Diego Eagle
Cost: Support the venue, otherwise Free!
Description: Curious about chastity? Ever wondered what it would be like to hold the key to a locked up boy? Join the meet up at the San Diego Eagle this month on October 28, from 3PM to 6PM and meet boys and Sirs with an interested in cock cages, chastity devices, and more! And stick around for the Underwear Party later that evening!

FMSD Discussion Group - Fetish Show & Tell
Saturday, October 28, 2017
5PM to 8PM
Location: Contact
Cost: Free to attend, donations to FMSD are welcome.
Description: After the chastity social, join Brothers us as we host this month's discussion - Fetish Show & Tell. Tell us a little about the thing that turns you on, that fetish that just takes you right over the tipping point - you'd be sur rised to find how many guys share in your interests! Bring a friend, and if you are so willing, something that shows off your fetish!

Gear Invasion - Tom of Finland

Wednesday, November 1, 2017
7PM to 10PM (6PM Ticket Purchasing)
Location: Landmark Theater - Ken Cinema
More Information: Available on Facebook
Description: Wear Your Favorite Leather Gear in Celebration of the Man who inspired the Revolution. But who was the man behind the leather? Tom’s story is one of love, courage and perseverance, mirroring the gay liberation movement for which his leather-clad studs served as a defiant emblem.

Flogging Friday
Friday, November 3, 2017
9PM to Midnight
Location: San Diego Eagle
Cost: Support the venue, otherwise Free
Description: The sting of leather, the feel hands caressing your back before the cool rush of air as a flogger brushes past your back. Flogging Friday, hosted by California Drummer, happens the First Friday of every-other month, starting at 9PM!

Cigars & Boots, Leather Social
Saturday, November 4th
4PM to 7PM
Location: The Redwing
CostSupport the venue, otherwise Free
Description: Cigars and Boots is San Diego's very own leather and ash social hosted by California Drummer at The Redwing in North Park. Come on out and join our brothers and sisters starting at 4PM, and be sure to support our local attending Bootblacks!

Fox & Fiends - Swap Meat!
Saturday, November 11, 2017
6PM to 8PM
Location: Urban Mo's
CostSupport the venue, otherwise Free
Description: Gear up for the Swap Meat at Urban Mo's! Bring out your leather gear, toys and wear that maybe don't fit anymore, or might need new homes - demoing is welcomed and encouraged, within the limits of the venue! Tables will be provided! "Come for the Swap, stay for the MEAT."

FMSD Workshop - Cigars & Cigar/Ash Play
Sunday, November 12, 2017
3PM to 6PM
Location: Hillcrest Workshop, Email
Cost: $5 Requested donation on-site or via
Description: There is something Sexy about a man with a cigar in his mouth, something that makes some of us crave his attention. Join us for this Discussion and Workshop, covering the basics of the cigar and ash fetishes.

San Diego Eagle 15th Birthday - All Clubs Weekend
Friday, November 17 - Sunday, November 19, 2017
See description for times
Location: San Diego Eagle
CostSupport the venue, otherwise Free
Description: The Eagle is celebrating 15 years of life on Friday, November 17th and is sharing it with you! Friday Night, starting at 9PM, FMSD will be showing en masse to the San Diego Eagle to demo several forms of play, including, but not limited to, rope bondage, spanking, flogging, booting/trampling, and others! At 10PM that night, there will be a featured performance by the Bad Boyz of Porn! Saturday Night, join us for drink specials all night, and a blessing by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, with further demos from our local San Diego Kink, Leather, Fetish, and BDSM Clubs!

Club X - Open Party - Treasure Island!
Saturday, November 18

6PM to Midnight
Location: North Park
Cost: $30 for Club X Members, $50 for non-members. Purchase your ticket Here
Description: Treasure Island will be a night of seafaring, booty pillaging, plank walking, water boarding excitement, all with a pirate theme!
 Purchase your tickets ahead of time by following the link above, and if you like what you see, roll the $20 surcharge into your Club X Membership for the next 12 months!

Eagle Bus Trip - Palm Springs HERE WE COME!
Sunday, November 19, 2017
Noon to Midnight
Location: San Diego Eagle to Palm Springs
Cost: $50/Attendee
Description: The Eagle Bus Trip is back! This time, we're heading to Palm Springs and will be visiting several of our favorite cruizing spots along the way! Reserve your seat by purchasing a ticket from the bartenders at the San Diego Eagle!

FMSD Demo Night - Human Pet Night
Friday, December 1, 2017
9PM to Midnight
Location: San Diego Eagle
Cost: Support the venue, otherwise Free
Description: You know them, you love them, and you, more than likely, know quite a few of them! Human Pet Play is a quickly growing type of Role Play, beyond just the Pups in our lives, come out and play with your local kittens, foxes, and other pets at this Role Play Demo at our local Leather Bar!

GMAG December - FMSD: Leather, Gear, and Kink Modeling
Monday, December 4, 2017
6PM to 9PM
Location: Twiggs in University Heights
Cost: Free to Models, $10 for Photographers and Artists, Cash Only. Please support the venue!
Description: Have you thought posing for artists in, and out of, your gear? Or perhaps refining your sketching, drawing, painting or photographic artistic skills of the male form? The Gay Men's Art Group of San Diego (GMAG) has invited FMSD to participate in their monthly art night on December 4. The theme is Leather, Gear, and Kink. Nudity is very welcome although not required! Photography is restricted to the photographer and model and the private Facebook group if the model consents to that. If you are interested, please contact Scott at

IV. From ME to YOU

Hi Gents! I've got a small request of you, each of you, I'm curious where you're reading from! I know that FMSD's membership spans cities, counties and states, but I'd like to know where YOU'RE from and how we can better serve YOU. Please, take a moment and email me at and let me know where you're from! Even if you are part of our central San Diego group, let me know what part of the town we're reaching you in!

I'd also like to take a moment and thank all of you who've reached out in regards to teaching, being mentors, attending events with new folk, etc. Without you, I don't think I would have the mental faculties to make everything work! If you're interested in giving back to your brothers, check out our new Volunteer Program and see what we're doing to give back!

Until next week, gents!

In Service,
Doriam C

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