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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Getting Ready for the Men's Play Party, Jan. 5th

By: Papa Tony

Note: The official publicity for this event is at the end of this post.  The following part is just my own opinion:

I attended the last Men's Play Party a couple of months ago.  I was astonished and pleased.  I saw the largest turnout for a men's play-party in San Diego's community that I have seen in decades.  It was impossible to see everything that was going on, because there were so many men there, in so many scattered locations.  Clearly, there is a need for something this nice, and so well-organized.

A scene from early December's Holiday Pot Luck, 
which attracted a BIG crowd.

If you haven't been to an FMSD event in a while, you've been missing out.  The new team is running events far better that I ever did… Doriam's youthful perspective is bringing many solid new ideas.  The men on his team are energized and smart.  Their events are satisfying, and exactly what we need. Attendance is rising swiftly, and word is getting out that the old magic is back, but with that same, kindly FMSD vibe.

December's Cigars & Boots event filled every available seat.

Of all of the Leather/Kink/Fetish communities worldwide, San Diego is DIFFERENT. We stand out for our affectionate, respectful and welcoming ways. The upcoming play-party is a good example of that.  There are multiple volunteers whose job is to make sure that everybody fits in, and starts having fun right away.

If you haven't been around us for a while, you will see a lot of men of ALL age-groups, mingling happily and pleasurably.  This is my favorite part of the new era.  Any old rifts between the generations are gone, and there are powerful benefits for everyone.

After dealing with way too much holiday and family-time, it's time to get re-connected with your brothers in our Tribe.  It's time to connect on every fun and meaningful level again!

Happy Holidays from Rein, 
on the left, and Doriam on the right

Friday, January 5, 2018
8PM to Midnight
Location: House of Black, San Diego
Cost: $20/Person, paid via PayPal or in person to Doriam/Scott/Rein

Theme: Interrogation, BDSM Party

Hey look! We did the thing where we're scheduling another Male-Only Play Party!

We are back at House of Black this time around, and have reduced ticket prices, in addition to changing some rules around! This party will be co-hosted by two of FMSD's young up-starts, Doriam & Rein! And while this party is BDSM inclined, all forms of Fetish and Kink are welcome, including Sex Play, Voyeur, etc.

As co-hosts, Doriam and Rein will be kicking off the night with an Interrogation Scene! If you care to know more about these two, here is quick bio for each of them, and what they'll be celebrating at this party!

>> Rein will be leaving for grad-school shortly after this party, and is looking forward to going out with a bang. He is a Dominant with a sadistic-streak, and has harnessed his skills in Single Tailing and Flogging with Papa Tony, in addition to adding tools to his play bag from other San Diego players!

>> Doriam will be celebrating his anniversary as a part of FMSD at this party. If you've never seen him play, Doriam is a Switch who plays actively on both sides of the slash. He enjoys dynamic Power Exchanges and several forms of Edge Play (including Fire, Medical and Suspension), but is best known as a Rope Bondage player.

We learned a lot from our last party at House of Black, which has inspired several changes for this party. The first of which is the price, we've reduced the cost of this party to $20/person, these funds will be used to pay for the venue, food and (non-alcoholic) drink - any excess will go in to the FMSD Workshop Fund to keep allowing us to host these parties and workshops!

Additionally, we will be allowing attendees to bring their own alcoholic beverages should they choose to partake. We will be required to take some additional precautions because of this, but it should not limit anyone's enjoyment of the event! For more details, email

For this party, I will be needing a few volunteers. Specifically, I will be looking for 2 Bartenders (basic knowledge preferred), 2 Dungeon Monitors, a Door Person, 2 Ambassadors, and ideally 2 people for Setup/Tear Down (each). If you are interested in volunteering, please email

More information on volunteering, Here.

To purchase your ticket, please go to PayPal or email or to schedule a time to meet Doriam/Scott to purchase your tickets in person.

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