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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

End of year party (Today!) & January 2018

Table of Contents

I. FMSD Potluck Social, Dec 28!
II. Male-Only Play Party, Jan 05, 2018!
III. From ME to YOU

I. End of 2017 Social Potluck, 28 December 2017!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

5pm til 8pm

Where: "Tom's Place," Hillcrest (email for address)
Cost: Bring a potluck dish to share

During our planning meeting many of you mentioned that you've enjoyed getting together for Potlucks and socials this year, so we've decided to throw one more before the end of the year. Join us on Thursday, December 28th as we say farewell to 2017 and look forward, together, to 2018.

You'll notice we've updated the name of the location to "Tom's Place" in Hillcrest! From now on, our workshop space in Hillcrest will lovingly be named "Tom's Place"! If you don't have the address, please email! (formerly known as the "Hillcrest Workshop Space")
As this is a potluck social, we ask that you bring a dish to share with your brothers! If you're not sure what to bring, here is a handy guide on what to bring based on your last name. This is just a guideline, bring whatever you like!

A-F - Drinks/Beverages
G-L - Side Dishes/Desserts
M-Z - Entree

II. Male-Only Play Party, Jan 05, 2018!

Friday, January 5, 2018
8PM to Midnight
Where: House of Black, San Diego (Address provided with Will Call Email)
Cost: $20, paid via PayPal or to Doriam/Scott/Rein

Join us on January 5th at House of Black, San Diego; we are kicking 2018 off with our first Male-Only Party of the year! This party will be co-hosted by Doriam and Rein, and while the theme lends itself to more SM-type play, all forms of Fetish and Kink are welcome! Including sex play, voyeur, water sports, etc.

As co-hosts, Doriam and Rein will be kicking off the night with an Interrogation Scene at 8:30! If you care to know more about these two, here's some info about each of them:

  • Rein (right) will be celebrating his admissions in to college at this party. He is a Dominant with inclinations toward Sadomasochistic play including being trained to single-tail by Papa Tony, and has been active with FMSD since September 2017. 
  • Never seen Doriam (left) play? He is a Switch who enjoys in-scene protocol. While playful, he is at his core an Edge Player best known for his experience with Rope Bondage and Suspension. He is celebrating his one year anniversary as part of the FMSD Leadership Team. 
We have reduced ticket prices for this party to $20. These funds will be used to pay for venue rental, snack foods, and non-alcoholic beverages. We've also made a few changes to our policies regarding alcoholic beverages - email if you'd like to know more.

We are still looking for volunteers for this party including 2 people to work the Food and Drink area, and 2 Dungeon Monitors, and 1 person each for Setup/Tear Down. Please see this post for more information on the benefits of volunteering, and Email to register as a volunteer!

To purchase your ticket, please go to PayPal or email or to scheduled a time to meet Doriam/Scott to purchase your tickets in person!

III. From ME to YOU

Howdy Gents! With holidays nearing a close, I would like to thank you all for your continued efforts and support in keeping FMSD running! We are so excited for this coming year, in addition to a few back end things, we are looking forward to being more actively involved with the whole of our communities. Members from Orange County, North San Diego County, Los Angeles and even San Francisco have reached out and are looking forward to joining us this coming year!

With love, I'll see you guys soon!

Yours Truly,
In Service,
Doriam C

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