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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Today's Workshop + Potluck moved to Eagle

March 13th Workshop

Howdy Gentleman!

Because of the weather, we've changed the destination of today's workshop to the San Diego Eagle. 4-6 and it will be a potluck in addition to a workshop! See you there!!

This month, Doriam will be teaching a combination workshop on the following topics! These skills are SOFT skills, and he is temporarily naming the workshop, "How to get what, and who, you want."

Teasing & Flirting: This workshop is about all of the work that goes in BEFORE physical intimacy in the bedroom (or wherever you happen to be!). While the skills themselves are less "outward" than what we might traditionally teach, this workshop will allow attendees to explore themselves as sexual beings, while integrating exercises designed to leave you and other attendees craving more.

Food Play & Gunge: Gunge is play that involves being sticky, covered in goopy substances, and LOVING IT. Food Play often goes hand-in-hand! This workshop will teach how to incorporate different aspects of both of these fields into your play, as well as how to avoid some of the unwanted messes that come along with them. (There MIGHT be Lube Wrestling even!)

See you there, Gents!

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