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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Workshops, Finding Leather and IML!

Table of Contents

I. Panorama + March 13 Workshop
II. Club X - XMen! - Finding Leather
III. Upcoming Community Events

I. Panorama + March 13th Workshop

Howdy Gentleman!

We've moved our workshops and socials to our venue in La Mesa, California (94141)! The venue is located just off the 94 Freeway and is lovingly named The Panorama in reference to the area it's located in. And with the weather changing, we are hoping to take advantage of the beautiful, warm weather by moving our workshop time to 3PM to 6PM! This will give us the opportunity to use the venue for mid-day socials by the poolside during the summer as well going forward!

We are looking to gauge interest on a May 13th workshop as that falls on Mother's Day. Please check out our Facebook Page Here to leave your vote on which topic you'd like to do! Here's a snippet on what they might be:

Teasing & Flirting: This workshop is about all of the work that goes in BEFORE physical intimacy in the bedroom (or wherever you happen to be!). While the skills themselves are less "outward" than what we might traditionally teach, this workshop will allow attendees to explore themselves as sexual beings, while integrating exercises designed to leave you and other attendees craving more.

Food Play & Gunge: Gunge is play that involves being sticky, covered in goopy substances, and LOVING IT. Food Play often goes hand-in-hand! This workshop will teach how to incorporate different aspects of both of these fields into your play, as well as how to avoid some of the unwanted messes that come along with them. (There MIGHT be Lube Wrestling even!)

II. Club X - XMen! - Finding Leather

Thursday, May 10, 2018
7PM to 9PM
Pleasures & Treasures
2525 University Avenue, San Diego, CA 92104

Do you remember taking the first step in to your fetish, kink and Leather journey? Do you remember the energy in the room? The things you saw? The people you met? The thumping in your pants?

Or maybe you're craving the opportunity to experience all of that for the first time.

Finding Leather will be the debut discussion led by this years Mr. San Diego Leather and Eagle Titleholders, Doriam and Jody respectively. This round table style event will let attendees tell the stories of their first time finding Leather, and for those who are curious ABOUT Leather, will be an opportunity to talk to Leathermen both established and new about how they navigated this Subculture of LGBTQ+ life.

III.  Upcoming Events

#SDLP2017 - Nathan's Send-off to IML!
Sunday, May 6, 2018
3PM to 6PM
Hole in the Wall
Facebook Event Link
Cost: Free to Attend, please support Nathan & the venue!

Come celebrate Nathan's Title Year as he competes for the 40th International Mr. Leather competition in Chicago later this month! All funds raised will help support his travel expenses, with any excess going to Sunburst Youth Housing!

Club X: XMen! - Finding Leather
Thursday, April 12, 2018
7PM to 9PM
Pleasures & Treasures
Cost: Free to Club X members, $5 requested donation of non-members

FMSD - May Workshop @ Panorama
Sunday, April 13, 2018
3PM to 6PM
Panorama, La Mesa, CA
Cost: $5 Requested Donation

FMSD: Gear Night @ The Eagle!
Friday, May 18, 2018
9PM to Midnight
San Diego Eagle
Cost: Support the venue, otherwise FREE!

Gear Night at the Eagle hosted by FMSD! This month, throw on your favorite boots and gear and swing by the Eagle on the 18th! We'll be auctioning off some new and restored gear that evening through FMSD and #LetsWalkTogether to share our local Leather History!

In Service,
Doriam C
Mr. San Diego Leather 2018

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