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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mentoring Workshop Friday, Nov. 5

(Note from Tony: I'm one of the panelists for this workshop. Anybody else want to share their thoughts on mentoring that night? The more, the merrier!)

SDLOG Workshop Nov 5, 7:00 pm 

1230 Cleveland St
San Diego, Ca

Please note:  This is a Men's only meeting 

The world has a long history of mentoring.  It was, and often still is, one way of passing needed skills and history from one generation to the next.  This tradition has been incorporated in to the Leather community in a variety of ways.  From learning the traditions and protocols that our community holds dear, to sharing about the various forms of kink that each of us enjoy,  mentoring is a great bonding and personal growth experience for both parties, and our community.

In talking with people about this subject, I have often heard, "But I don't know as much as other people."   Mentoring isn't about who is best at something because we all have our own ways of doing things,  our own traditions,  and our own experiences.  No one person holds the cornerstone on knowledge.   Mentoring is about sharing our personal knowledge and experiences with those who want to learn more.

Come join the San Diego League of Gentlemen for a round table discussion of mentoring, and what it means to be a mentor, as well as what it means to be someone being mentored.  We each have a social responsibility to pass on our knowledge, even while we are learning.   

The second half of the meeting will be an opportunity for those who have skills and knowledge to share to meet individually with those who are seeking to learn.  If you have something to offer, or if you are looking to learn,  join us for an evening of Leather brotherhood and bonding.

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