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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Playing Games, Providing Toys For Underprivileged Children

Note from Tony: I met Daniel at Kurt's fundraiser, and I was deeply impressed.  It's not often that you meet such a dedicated, hard-working community volunteer and leader. I'm surprised that I haven't met him until now. I hope to see him more often at upcoming events. He deserves a lot of really good new friends.

From: Daniel

May 9, 2012, 6:30-9:30PM (Second Wednesday of each month

Here is a bit about I I was telling you about:

IPlay4Charity.Org - The Beginning

7yrs ago I would go out with friends or dates to Dave and Busters for fun, and ended up collecting the tickets I won. It was around Christmas that I decided to cash in all my tickets for a whole bunch of stuffed animals for Charity to give to Toys for Tots. Walking out with 3 big garbage bags of toys gave me that fuzzy feeling, and it set in what Christmas should really be about, giving without need of receiving. The holidays were always a mixed bag for me, with all of the commercialization. Being Jewish, the unsettling feeling of receiving and not having a gift to give in return. So, giving to Toys for Tots for Christmas became the way I wanted to celebrate every year. 

In 2009, I invited Bo Andras from the Pride Card and a small group of friends to play and try and get more tickets to get some more toys. Bo loved the idea and adopted the concept to have the Pride Card present what became We meet on the second Wednesday of the Month, as a non-bar event to socialize and play games while people donated their tickets, that went to provide toys in and outside our community with Family Matters and Toys For Tots. 

In 2010, our first organized year, we exceeded my goal of 400,000 tickets, and we provided over 1,600 toys throughout the year as needed from the Family Matters Treasure Hunt in the Spring, to the Children's Garden at Pride, and our main event to Toys For Tots in December. We also got Dave & Busters to match 5% of our tickets. Toys For Tots even provided Marines at our events as Pride Card businesses even donated merchandise to give to the person who donated the most tickets for each event.

IPlay4Charity has become a great success, providing toys for underprivileged children, while socializing and having fun at the same time, ticket donations have exceeded well over 1 million to date. These are great nights and a good break in the week that go from 6:30 - 9:30p. Dave and Busters offers Eat and Play Meals starting at 15.99 that includes a $10 Powerplay card. 

Next Event is May 9th, 2012, become a fan on Facebook, or check to see your recognition and total points donated on the website.

Come be a part of the giving experience, and see what A CHARITY EXPERIENCE is all about.

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