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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Review of Sunday's Fundraiser for Kurt

On Sunday, April 22nd 2011, 75 or so of us gathered to send Kurt off to Chicago with our blessings and a bit more cash. Mr. San Diego Leather 2011 Kurt is going to represent San Diego in Chicago at the International Mr. Leather 2012 Contest at the end of May. He needs help paying for the trip - Hotel rooms are $280 per night for six nights, plus airfare!

So, Dutch was kind enough to loan the use of his beautiful canyon back yard at the Pink Palace near Balboa Park:

There were volunteers at every side, helping to flip burgers, serve drinks, gather money at the entrance, or sell raffle tickets.  There was a lot of love for our Kurt, but the biggest contributor was Mr. San Diego Leather 2010 Anthony, who hosted this year's event in gratitude to Kurt for hosting the same fundraiser last year in his honor.

That's Kurt on the left, and Anthony on the right.

The place was bustling with good will and happy laughter, and the fundraiser brought Kurt closer to being fully recompensed for the trip.  I asked Kurt for his overview of the event, and here was his reply:

The setting was beautiful (thank you Dutch), the event came off without a hitch (thank you Anthony Rollar and volunteers Wish, Pup Dizzy, Preston, Dan and Deric) and the day exceeded expectation. There was a warmth that emanated from the crowd, that flowed freely throughout the day. It was a chance to mix, mingle, love, support and share time with a beautiful and vibrant group.

The day was a bit overwhelming for a moment as I walked down the stairs looking at a huge group of people that have each, individually touched my life. That weekend was a milestone as it was the two year anniversary of my move to San Diego. I knew one person when I moved here and I was thrilled to be looking across a lawn full of smiling faces that I know and love. Faces that I see week in and week out as I go about my day on personal errands as well as the numerous community events and fundraisers I proudly support as Mr. San Diego Leather 2011.

Thank you everyone. There are no words to express my gratitude for your care, guidance, love and support. I am still in the afterglow of the energy everyone brought to the BBQ and also the good wishes that continue to come. My Journey continues as one of the most important moments of my life approaches by competing at IML 34 in my hometown Chicago. Every forward step I take is powered by the people here in my life.

In my original write-up beforehand, I described this event as the ideal opportunity to meet the finest kinds of kinky leather folk, and I told the truth - There were faces in this crowd whom I haven't seen very much of lately, but who have done much good for our community over the years. Even better, I saw some new folks in the crowd who had heard that this was the place to be, and came running!

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