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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Special Event This Saturday, and Some Very Good News

On Saturday, September 1st, from 4-7PM at Bourbon Street (at 4612 Park Blvd):


If you were unable to join us on Saturday for the Mr. & Ms. San Diego Leather 2012 contest, this is your chance to greet and shower approval upon our contestants, hear from our outgoing titleholders, rub elbows with some great folks, and maybe enjoy a cigar or two.

These contests are NOT "Beauty Pageants" - they are a way for our community to welcome new leaders and volunteers who are ready to declare their intentions to do good works that benefit us all. Events like this one are our way of letting them know that they have a support-system that will sustain their idealism as the years go by.

Yes, it's the beginning of Labor Day Weekend, but it would mean a lot if you could swing by and share a hug or two!

This event coincides with the Cigars & Boots event's new monthly time and location.


One would expect that San Francisco would have at least a dozen or so leather bars. Sadly, there have been NONE since the San Francisco Eagle closed in May of 2011.  This has upset many, many people, and now the San Francisco Eagle is re-opening under new management.

From their Web site:

It is our pleasure to announce that the Eagle will fly again!

Your new hosts, Mike and Alex, will reopen the bar as the S.F. Eagle.

It will take a couple of months to do the much-needed repairs and upgrades that the property requires, but some upcoming events are already in the works prior to the opening of the bar. Please check this website periodically for new announcements coming soon.

The bar and patio located at 398 12th Street has long been a special place, not only to the LGBT community, but to the entire community for decades, not to mention the live music community as well. We just couldn’t let such a historic place like this disappear!

We will continue to host fundraisers for all the organizations from the past, as well as welcoming new ones to make the S.F. Eagle the pride of our community once again.

We look forward to seeing all of you very soon!

NOTE FROM TONY: This is exactly equivalent to what happened in San Diego, years ago - Wolfs was heading downhill as its owner was dying, and the Eagle had changed hands several times and became a "European-style Mirrors and TV Sets" Bar called "The Arena".  They started painting over the Tom of Finland artworks in the men's room, and the outcry caused them to stop. 

Both bars failed, and our local hero Sir Nicholas took over the Arena, re-named it back to the San Diego Eagle and immediately gathered a team of many eager volunteers to un-do the desecrations done to our town's cultural gathering-place. As I have said before - He did NOT have to do this - He already has quite a nice catering business that keeps him hopping. He did it out of allegiance to his town and his Tribe.

Thanks to Nicholas, we have a major part of our history still around, despite the decades when things went so badly for us.  You will also notice the many, many historical signs, posters and other artifacts from the old days.  These aren't just knickknacks meant to cover the walls to look "authentic", they are the real deal, gathered out of love and a desire to preserve our cultural history.

My hope is that the same love, support and donations of posters, gear and such will flow into the well-loved San Francisco Eagle. San Francisco's Tribe deserves no less.

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