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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Contestant Introductions

Here are the folks who ran for Mr. and Ms. San Diego Leather 2013: 

I've asked them to introduce themselves:

Eli grew up in CA, but has explored many parts of the world through the US ARMY. While serving he was introduced to the leather community and found his home. Since 2006 his journey has taken him to work at bars such as The Barracks in Palm Springs, The San Diego Eagle, and holding the title of Mr. San Diego Eagle 2012. He enjoys numerous kinks such as Flogging, Electro, Bondage, Spanking, and more. Eli is excited to compete for Mr. San Diego Leather 2013, continuing his leather path and growth.

Colt grew up in San Diego,  but moved to San Francisco in her early 20s.  She was introduced to leather through the San Francisco Citadel's educational programming as well as a monthly queer Leather happy hour.   She moved back to San Diego recently, and looks forward to learning and walking her Leather path with friends and family.     

Leather Sir Ron: As a self-described protocol-based Dominant Sir, I began my entry into the leather scene when I came out as a gay man, in 1989.  I was extremely fortunate to find care and mentoring from an Old Guard Leather Sir who took me under his wing for grooming.  In 2002, after my military career, my journey took me to Washington, DC, where I joined my first levi/leather club, and started to get in touch with my kinkier fetish lifestyle.  On this leg of my leather journey, I’m sharing the fruits of my educational labor by mentoring other leathermen and breaking down the perceived myths and stereotypes of the Leather/Fetish community by outsiders.

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