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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pictures and Video from ROMP 2013

ROMP is also known as San Diego Leather Pride. More publicity here.

Photos are by our superb photo journalist Scott Smith.

If you have pictures or video that you could contribute, 
I am gladly adding 100% of them below as they come in. Thanks!

Friday, August 23: 

Leather Pride Flag Raising: Pictures and Video.

Left to right:  Annie Romano, (Producer), Eli, Ron and Colt.

Meet and Greet: Pictures.

Saturday, August 24:

Mr. & Ms. San Diego Leather 2013 Contest:

Contestant Introductions.



1. Here is the video of the first part of Aaron's step-down speech.
2. Here is the link to the video that showed how Aaron's title year went
3. Here is the video of the last part of Aaron's step-down speech.
4. Another link to Aaron's speech.

Caryl's Presentation
Colt's Fantasy
Colt's Speech
Eli's Fantasy
Eli's Skin Segment
Eli's Speech
International Ms. Leather 2013's Speech
Ron's Auction Basket
Ron's Fantasy
Ron's Speech - Text is here.
Eli and Colt's Victory Dance
Wish Linda's Stepdown Speech (abbreviated because my camera couldn't capture her presentation video - I hope to post a copy here eventually.)

Sunday, August 25:

Leather Pride Flag Lowering: Pictures and Video.

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