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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Social Column

Delightful Leadership

Every year, there are a zillion separate, non-ccordinated AIDS Walk events.  This year, we have the Power of 6, where folks with...

Bears San Diego
Imperial Court de San Diego
San Diego Leather Community
San Diego Trans Community
The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Asylum of the Tortured Heart
San Diego Gay Rodeo

...have combined forces to create a unified effort, with larger numbers.  I urge everyone to contribute and get involved. This is a new concept (the first new one in a long time), and, as always, the AIDS Walk raises a ton of money for desperately needy brothers and sisters who are far worse off than we are.

Talk to Mr. San Diego Leather 2012 Aaron Duke at mrsandiegoleather2012 AT gmail DOTcom for more information. We need more folks on the team!

See below for the Lube It Up Strip It Down fundraiser coming soon!

The Newest Audio Has Been Posted

This time the Men's Discussion was all about ECSTASY, PART ONE: WHAT HOLDS US BACK.  This is a DEEP topic, and undoubtedly the first time that this subject has been covered so honestly, thoroughly and passionately. The older men in the crowd REALLY got into it, which is a rare and huge blessing.

I've included the imagery for what holds us back (with the MOST important reason being carefully avoided, because it's so awesomely scary that nobody wants to bring it up).

I've also posted the image of what we yearn for.

Ecstasy, Part Two, "Achieving Ecstasy" will be coming up in about a month.

Pictures posted: softBRAWL 2013

Leather v Sisters, Sunday, July 7 at 11AM. The Sisters got their asses handed to them! REMATCH!

Dan's Review of the Leather Ream for 2013 has been posted.

Upcoming Men's Discussion Topics

Things will be changing soon with the weekly men's Discussions - Instead of EVERY Wednesday in the same place, we might be alternating them with Hands-On Demo Training Sessions at a new location. Keep an eye on this newsletter for more updates as they arise.

Wednesday, August 21, 7PM: Intentional Sexuality: Strategies from 30 Years In Kink, hosted by Marc Webb.

Wednesday, August 28, 7PM: Forbidden Orgasms: Barebacking, Bug-Chasing, Drugs, Brown Hankies, (Fill In The Blank).

Wednesday, September 4, 7PM: Male Grief - The Mask That Men Live Inside. Here is a preview video that will explain the topic.

Upcoming soon: Growing Older: The Whole Story

Finally!  Something for us BIG FELLAS!

I'm glad to say that large and/or tall, corn-fed leathermen now have a portable sling-frame that WORKS nicely for those of ummm… HEROIC proportions. It's six foot eight high, and can handle 650 pounds.

I know what I want for my birthday!

The  Factory  Tour  is  a  great  pleasure  to  behold!

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