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Thursday, September 26, 2013

First Ever San Diego Eagle Pup 2014 Contest

Presented by O’Connor Media and San Diego Eagle
October 19th 8pm, at the San Diego Eagle

Friday, October 18th - 5PM - Official San Diego Eagle PUP 2014 Contestant Meet and Greet, Blessing performed by Sister Chlammydia Burns Performance by Bebe Gunn.

Saturday, October 19th - 8PM - Contest with Mistress of Ceremonies Celeste W. Star

Sunday, October 20th - 6PM - Victory Beer Bust event with the winner of the San Diego Eagle PUP 2014 Contest.

From Producers and Co-Creators Dayton O’Connor and the San Diego Eagle:

I am writing to inform you of the FIRST EVER San Diego Eagle PUP 2014 Contest. I know that in the past other titles in the Leather LGBT Family along with other events within the local community have been breaking ground and building bridges in the community at a rate that’s unprecedented. I am anxiously looking forward to an even greater sense of Pride in our Leather Community as well as creating title roles for outstanding members to advocate leather education and represent the San Diego LGBT Leather Community. 

With the recent burst of interest in the Handler/PUP fetish community and with all the exciting things happening for OUR San Diego Leather LGBT family we believe it is time to add a NEW title.

O’Connor Media teamed up with the San Diego Eagle and created the San Diego Eagle PUP 2014 Contest. This title will be a great catalyst for those that wish to continue their growth within the Handler/PUP Community and can lead to many other titles in which those that have earned them can represent the San Diego Community. This may occur not only locally but through out the United States and also on an international level. 

The event will be on Saturday October 19th at 8 pm with Mistress of Ceremonies the ever witty and forever beautiful Celeste W. Star. There will be several smaller events but still very important ones in conjunction with the contest. Such as on the 18th The Official Contestant Meet and Greet starting between 5-6 we will have Sister Chlammydia Burns of the San Diego Sister of Perpetual Indulgence blessing the contest. There will also be a performance by Bebe Gun a groundbreaking performer with a style like no other as well as items from some of our many sponsors!! 

Sunday is our Victory Beer Bust Celebration for the Winner starting around 5pm. At each event there promises to be many surprises!!

Mistress of Ceremonies – Celeste W. Star
Blessing performed by Sister Chlammydia Burns of the San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Mr. San Diego Gay Pride 2013 – James Rios
Mr. San Diego Eagle 2013 – Robb Rodd
Miss San Diego Eagle Transgender Alpha-Omega - Kitty Jayde
California PUP 2012 – Sub Bottom Chris
Representing San Diego PUP Patrol - Michael Lobo
Sponsors – The San Diego Eagle, O’Connor Media,,, FabScout Entertainment, Lucas Entertainment, San Diego Leather Foundation, San Diego Leather Boys, Official lube sponsor SpunkLube.Com,, Fiesta Cantina, Advertised on Scruff, Raw Fuck Club, Dark Alley Media, Treasure Island Media,, Fetish Men San Diego (FMSD),, The Crypt and official Photographer

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