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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Posting Guidelines for FetishMenSanDiego's Upcoming Events Listing

If you seek to promote your upcoming event for San Diego gay FetishMen in a way that is maximally effective, please use the following steps:

First, check these examples:



Saturday, October 5: Avatar Club Los Angeles will celebrate its 30th Anniversary and Installation of Club Officers at Taix French Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA. Cocktails will start at 6 PM and the dinner begins at 7:30 PM.


Saturday, October 9th, 8PM: San Diego Eagle PUP 2014 Contest.


Sunday, October 13 at 12noon @ Palomar Hotel, 1047 5th Ave - Rooftop
DJ Steve Sherwood (from San Francisco)
$10 adv tickets available.

Bearracuda is making our last splash in San Diego this year with a POOL PARTY at the gorgeous SummerSalt Pool at the Palomar Hotel. This is a stunning pool + lounge area and the first bear event at SummerSalt. Sponsored by SCRUFF.

DJ Steve Sherwood returns to San Diego to play for our guys at the pool. $10 advanced tickets at are available NOW.

We look forward to seeing you by the pool!



• Email your information to Jon at pipebearoc AT - He'll get it locate in the right place.  If you're on Facebook, also post it here.

• There are "equals" signs in a row, to separate your event from other people's events.  This breaks up the events in a less-confusing way.

• The events are in chronological order, and START by listing the date and time, first.  No exceptions.

• All events either contain all "Who, What, When, Where, How Much and Why" information, or else have a WEB LINK AT THE END which allows folks to dig deeper if they are interested.  Web-links don't work inside Facebook in the normal way, so please paste the actual, full web-address.

Don't Forget About The World Outside of Facebook!

As of September 24, 2013, 
this is the ACTUAL size relationship 
between FMSD followers, inside 
and outside of Facebook, totaling about 5,000 followers,
and adding between five and seven new followers a day.
Every single day.

• The place to store long, detailed information is elsewhere, on a separate web-page, not in the listing itself.  The only exception is if the crucial information only exists on Facebook, thereby becoming inaccessible to the thousands of folks who follow FMSD and hate Facebook.  If you are dedicated to reaching the largest number of possible attendees, don't be biased toward folks on Facebook only.


Many people make "rookie mistakes" when they plan for events. This has happened many, many times.  "Winging it" is the quickest way to break the heart of a new community leader, who tries the best that he or she can, and then fails. At that point, they drop away, and we never hear from them again. I'm dedicated to making it easier for folks to succeed and to continue doing excellent community work.

• If you're going to create an event, make plans for it, and announce it for the first time, at least a MONTH beforehand.  Not two days.  Nowadays, folks have very short attention spans, and very full calendars, and way too many options to tempt them in other directions. We have to work with them in their way. Not ours.  The idea is to encourage folks from Palm Springs/LA/wherever to decide to ride-share down to San Diego to join in the fun. You have to give them adequate time to coordinate plans. You also want to "mark your territory" on the calendar, so that others don't plan a big, conflicting event that stomps all over yours.

• Then, remind them at least a week beforehand.  This will refresh their poor, distracted, feverish brains.

• Then, ALWAYS remind them three days beforehand.

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