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Friday, September 13, 2013

Puppy Collaring Ceremony

On Wednesday, September 11, 2013, Daddy Ron and boy jon welcomed a new member into their Leather Family. Daddy Lee brought Pup Nikita to his new owner Daddy Ron, with boy jon assisting and bearing witness.

The men of FetishMenSanDiego's weekly Men's Discussion group acted as dedicated witnesses as well, and applauded as yet another loving family moves forward together in our Tribe.

From Daddy Ron

Mr. Bear SOCAL 2011
Mr. Bear San Diego 2007

To me, being someone that is a mentor/guide is very important. I did not have that when I was a boy in the leather world and had to search and learn on my own.  I was a slave for a short time, then a boy, and now a Dad. I think the person's leather family is the best thing you can have for support when anything happens and to know you belong and are loved and they know they belong and are loved. Family reunions are a blast! You have Dads, brothers, pups, etc., and never a dull moment.

I am currently single, after my boy and I decided that parting was best for him. I have two boys that I mentor and are teaching what I know in the leather world. They already have life partners, but mentoring and guiding is not always the same as a sexual or partnership thing. 

Last night I took on a pup to love and guide in life. We both have an open relationship and he is young and even though an ALPHA, still has lots of things to see and do. I love him, support him and keep him safe. He is my pup.

From the pup:

It’s really hard to find an owner as a boy, let alone a pup. Not everyone wants to do the boy or pup thing on a daily basic and let you do what is inside of you. As a pup, I need to live that and be in that pup space as much as possible.

After meeting Daddy Ron and talking to him about me and the pup thing, he was honest and said he did not know much about it but wanted to learn it. In doing so, we both found that we have a lot in common and he enjoys being a Dad to a pup. He allows me to be a pup when I want and when he wants.  It seriously cranks his tractor. He has gone online and ordered the pup tail that I have wanted. I think he is more excited about it coming and I know it seriously turns him on. ARF

To have an owner that gets aroused in puppy play is great honor and that gets me in to the puppy mode even faster and more frequently.  I can be pup and live as a PUP. Can’t wait for the Saturday pup baths.

Daddy? Where is my leash…!   ARF

From boy jon:

What a great night that was! Pup Nikita is so special and we are very lucky to have him in our family. Wednesday Night I got to be a part of a ceremony that forever changed my heart. My Daddy, Ron Brundige collared pup Nikita. Daddy asked me to stand at his side during the ceremony. What a transformative experience that was! REALITY WHOPPED ME RIGHT UPSIDE MY HEAD. We are a family. This is actually happening. This is why I was all smiles during pup's collaring. I was so happy for Daddy and pup. I told Daddy I felt like our family had truly become a cohesive unit that night. Hey Pinocchio... You're a real boy!

Daddy holds a place of his very own in my heart and pup does as well. While Daddy and I had been friends for years, pup and I have only known each other since SD Pride. (I loved him from our first conversation though!) He is a thoughtful, intelligent, sweet, caring, and handsome young man. What a treasure beyond value! I couldn't be happier than to have him with us. I have more family to love and I couldn't be more thrilled.

Just so there is no confusion... Neither of us is Daddy's life partner. I already have one of those and pup belongs to Daddy in their own special arrangement. Daddy will have his own partner/boy in due time and we will work things out as they happen. I also have a couple of brothers who are in similar positions (boys in training?) and am excited to spend more time with them as well. Wow! A whole crew of us. How cool is that? It's reality and not just a nice daydream that I have while out walking dogs. (Good thing I have all that experience considering pup's addition!) I figured it would be a long time before someone would come along and asked to be his boy and probably much longer before I had brothers and pups around. I feel very blessed to be so new to this community and have gained so much so quickly.

THANK YOU to everyone for letting us take up some of your time and for showing such loving support. I know I speak for all of us when I say, "We are proud to be a part of the FMSD tribe and community at large.". When I have completed all of my boy-in-training assignments and Daddy Ron is ready to honor me with his collar around my neck, I hope that you can all be there (whether it be in person or in spirit) to celebrate again.

-boy jon

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  1. What a great night that was! Pup Nikita is so special and we are very lucky to have him in our family.

    -boy jon