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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Photos from AGEISM Discussion, February 12, 2014

Photos by our own Scott Smith, and Papa Tony:

From Donnie Vella:

About last night's awesome discussion...

I love it when the group comes together like they did tonight and everyone gets so passionate for the topic being discussed. I want to thank everyone for sharing their feelings and owning what they said. I thank Magnum and Dennis as well for an amazing job tonight. It was wonderful to see you all tonight.

Discrimination in the form of ageism happens when we put up walls between different types of people, for fear of being dismissed or getting hurt. Some people don't interact well with each other. It is when we look beyond our own selves and open our hearts and minds that we can let others see us for who we are. Older people have lived their lives with integrity and have gained experience along their path. The younger generation is growing up at a faster pace thus is adapting quicker,but sometimes not grasping what is needed to be a outstanding individual. There is also more homophobia and hate in the world today and together the older and younger generations can work to bridge gaps and gain knowledge and security for a Happier and Safer future for us all. We all want the same things no matter how old we are and that is to be Loved and be treated fairly and be respected in our overall LGBT Community.

From Jeffrey Hill:

Suicide Rates by Age

In 2010, the highest suicide rate (18.6) was among people 45 to 64 years old. The second highest rate (17.6) occurred in those 85 years and older. Younger groups have had consistently lower suicide rates than middle-aged and older adults. In 2010, adolescents and young adults aged 15 to 24 had a suicide rate of 10.5.

From Ron Brundige LeatherAlpha:

I would like to add something to what was mentioned. It was about guiding and mentoring. I think it goes both ways. Its not always the older mentoring the young, it can be the young mentoring the older. Ok, what does that mean? Everyone has experiences and knowledge, so it just a matter of got a problem? got a issue? curious about something? Then just ASK. I know for myself that I feel we are a family. We are all brothers and brothers are there for each other. It just that simple. I know for myself, I am always there for anyone. If I don’t know what you need, I cant find it and if I don’t know I will help you find it. That’s what a Dad does. Note: We have to also get out of the “gay mind set” that everything comes with the price of having sex with a mentor. I just want my brothers to be healthy in mind and soul (happy).

As always, Magnum you are the man. I love your talks.

Always your loving Daddy Ron

From Papa Tony:

Tonight's Men's Discussion (topic: Ageism) was probably the very best discussion that we've ever had… Deep, meaningful and powerful. We cleared out much later than usual, because nobody wanted to leave. I had the definite feeling that we all became even CLOSER of a team of brothers, because we said the things that we are normally too polite to say otherwise about "others" in general, and then said how we feel about each other in specific. We cleared a lot up in a very short time.
Many thanks to Magnum and Dennis for leading the discussion (and keeping it tight and focused), and thanks to everyone for sharing so much that we all needed to hear.

From Jon LeatherBoy Somerville:

It was a very honest and frank discussion and I think everyone walked away from it with a clearer understanding of each other. You guys are great men and I am a better person for knowing all of you.

From Magnum:

Y'all were amazing, authentic, open & honest tonight! I'm so touched, moved & inspired to be a leather man and with more awareness & compassion for all the ages & experiences of our Tribe! Oh yeah! My co-facilitators name was Dennis and I send him big props!

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