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Friday, February 21, 2014

Second Annual San Diego Family Reunion Weekend

UPDATE:  Here is the newest information, in its nearly-final form.

See that big crowd-shot at the top of this page?  That happened last year, and the one-year anniversary is coming up on the weekend after IML: May 30 and 31, 2014.

The festivities are going to start with a Formal Dinner at Harvey Milk's American Diner, hosted by the impeccable Ian Daniels (here is the review from last year's dinner), and will include another big, honking' Movie Night. UPDATE: We may have to have several dinners in several locations simultaneously.

Since the movie (provided by the always-excellent FilmOut San Diego) is FOLSOM FOREVER, we are coordinating plans with the folks who run the Folsom Street Fair to make this weekend EXTRA special. A few of them will be in town to savor the unique and wonderful San Diego experience, so let's make them feel glad that they came! UPDATE: The entire Folsom Street Fair Board of Directors is being invited to come down, and more may attend than originally planned.

This will also be the weekend that we bring the FLOG SWARM back, but much bigger, longer and better.  If you haven't heard of it - you REALLY want to read about it.  You'll be glad that you did! UPDATE: We have the location picked out.  It's perfect!

There will be multiple parties on Friday night in several locations, with special focus on unique experiences.  More info soon, as new information solidifies.

Yes, there will be a Gear Contest, and other delights.

NOW would be a really good time to mark your calendar...

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