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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Recap of BODY ELECTRIC Discussion, with photos and audio

Here is the audio from this session.
Photos by Scott Smith
Wednesday, February 19, 2014

From Jeffrey Hill:

Truly outstanding. I'm so glad I watched the video on the Body Electic website prior to the workshop. If you haven't watched it yet I very highly recommend it. Between both the video and the workshop I learned so much more about eroticism.

From Magnum:

Last week's Men's Discussion welcomed Riley from the Body Electric School.

The Body Electric experience is an exploration into the potential on oneself that could enhance your fetish/BDSM/leather play & lifestyle.

Magnum was the Master of Ceremonies and asked the 35 men in attendance to introduce themselves and answer the following question..."what's your favorite erotic zone & body part?" The responses were interesting, fun and varied from head to toe!

Riley then asked the men a deeper question..."what's your current relationship in having what you desire in regards to sex, fetish & kink?" That question shifted the energy to a more intimate discussion and Riley offered men the opportunity to role play and practice "asking for what you want".

The role playing was lively, focused and engaging and afterward there was time for the group to reflect and share their experience. The general response men had were feelings of more intimacy and connection.

Riley completed the evening with some of the workshops and curriculum that the Body Electric School offers.

From: Scott Smith

Very well done! Thank you! I appreciate Riley coming in and sharing a bit about BE, what it is, and what it can do. I was the first name on his list for upcoming workshops, 'cuz I wrote it during the break.

From Ron Brundige LeatherAlpha:

Was another outstanding night. But with Magnum at the controls, it was expected. I love my FMSD brothers, they are a fine group of men and a mixed level of people and experiences.

From JP:

It is truly amazing to be able to meet with a group of men and experience the level of authenticity and intimacy I experienced last night. I have been building some connection with the group with my sporatic attendance over the last year, but last night was exceptional. Fetish Men is providing connection in a way that Landmark Education or Body Electric can not. I am so thankful for this group.

From Papa Tony:

Yes, we have been doing a lot of touchy-feely and interpersonal stuff lately - The intention is to build strong bonds of brotherhood for what's coming up!
Other groups in other places tend to concentrate upon other priorities, and then only provide-one-on-one, private satisfaction when away from the group.
OUR goal is to build massive trust, affection, intimacy and respect, so that we can all enjoy group-based Tribal joy!
As a result, the entire community around us rejoices whenever we show up as brothers.

From Ted Erler:

CBE had a profound affect n my life

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