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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

FMSD Hands-On Demo Nights

When: The Fourth Wednesday of every month

Location: Kept private - Send an email to SignMeUpForEvent to RSVP, and to receive the address.  This is to keep the numbers manageable. It's not a large space.

Cost:  Free, but an entirely optional donation to the host would be courteous, to thank him for the use of the space.

Philosophy: Information Shared, Is Wisdom Multiplied!

Purpose: To teach, learn, grow, and to build high-quality relationships with men of every age, color, body-style and experience-level… AND, to have FUN!

As any kinky man knows, it's HARD to find mentors.  Most of the men that you find to play with, are struggling along on very little useful information, just like you.

At a typical Hands-On Demo Night, it's perfectly okay to be unsure, shy, awkward and inexperienced.  Nobody minds, and nobody will make fun of you.  We all had to start somewhere, and we are nice men.  We are secure in ourselves, and have no need to denigrate others to make ourselves look bigger, or more important.

We want to share what we know, so that someday, YOU will do the same! You won't bounce off of our indifference, but you also have to help us know what you need.

There are men present who will be glad to answer your questions, so ASK!


Paddling & Caning


Pervertables (toys that you can make yourself)

Hot Wax


Electrical Play

Clothespins and pinchy things

Fisting 101


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