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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

FMSD Men's Discussions

NOTE: This information is no longer valid, but is retained for historical purposes.  Here is the current info: How To Stay in Touch, and Be A Part of San Diego's FetishMen Tribe

When: Every Wednesday of each month, 7-9pm. 

Cost: free to all, but an entirely optional donation is requested, to thank the folks who are letting us use their space.

Location:  Stomping Ground, at Hotel Circle in Mission Valley.

The weekly Men's Discussions are only a small part of the events each month in San Diego that might attract kinky/leather/fetish men that are somehow connected with FMSD, but they are absolutely the deepest part.

Many men are tired of silly, empty bar-chatter and Internet flakes, and want to talk about things that really matter. We never know when it is time to be idealistic, or passionate, or open-hearted, and too much time goes by while we wait for the right opportunity. We want to gain wisdom from others while we share our own hard-gained knowledge, but we sure as heck aren't going to find any of that on Grindr. Or Twitter.

Past topics: BDSM/Fetish 101, tips for bottoming for the first time, dealing with excessive religious programming, how to deal with unwelcome attention (without being a jerk), submission vs. being in service, one-sided relationships, and so on. This is where you can bring your questions and get them answered! 

At the Men's Discussions, the more authentic you are, the more fully self-expressed you are, and the KINDER you are, the more friendships you might gain… The ones that could last you for the next forty years.

Kilt Night

For too long, the gap between the generations has caused too many of us to have to re-invent the wheel, because we lacked access to wise, kind and caring role-models, or the fresh, exciting new perspectives of younger minds.

Our culture has gone from no Internet at all, to way too much Internet. It's making us Socially Retarded.  The Men's Discussions are meant to help us all bring our social lives back into balance, so that we can build up our interpersonal skills, get to know each other on an open, friendly level, and invest in the larger community again. It's the best tool we have for rebuilding the Tribe!

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