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Friday, August 1, 2014

Men's Discussion, Aug 13: STORIES FROM THE OLD DAYS

Wednesday, August 13th, 7PM: “STORIES FROM THE OLD DAYS”, hosted by Papa Tony, in which he tells what the leathermen's community was like, back in the late 1970’s.

There will be personal tales of living in exclusively-gay Boys Town LA and Hillcrest, attending major kinky sex parties in many cities, practically living in bathhouses on the weekends, and learning about kink and fetish from many mentors as a young man. There will be a lot of brisk, well-polished stories, so expect to be entertained!

This is a rare opportunity to hear some of our Tribe’s verbal history. There will be a question-and-answer period, after the break.

It will be at Mission Gathering, 3090 Polk Ave, San Diego CA 92104-2633. Try to get there early, due to appalling parking in the area.

Adapted plan, based upon excellent advice from boy jon:

I will be giving my talk at 7PM on Wednesday, August 13, as mentioned above. The talk will be about what it was like for a young gay leatherman back in the late 1970's, "Part One: When Everything Went GREAT."

Then, there will be a separate, private event at 7PM on Tuesday, August 19. (RSVP to, with a Subject of "Verbal History"). I will be telling the second half of the story, from the early 1980's:  "Part Two: When Everything Went Bad".

This will be the first time that I have EVER told my stories from the early days, starting in late 1981, when the men around me started dying, faster and faster.

I have been reluctant to share this info, because I don't want to bum anyone out, but I want to give my verbal history NOW, while I still have the memories to share. Frankly, I'm scared - I fear my own emotions after losing over 140 wonderful men in my life.  That's a wound that will never go away.

Both events will be audio-recorded and shared online, so that folks can pick and choose what they want to hear. 

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