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Friday, October 3, 2014

FMSD Gear Potluck Picnic!

From Papa Tony: Just so that everybody knows: This is event is the dream of one of the best and youngest members we have - Keto is stepping up to bring us together in joy and sociability, and he deserves everyone's support for his very first time hosting an event.

Let's ALL show up, and have a blast!

Saturday, October 18, 12 noon

Marston Point 8th Dr San Diego, CA 92101

Invited by Gunnar Doberwolf (Keto)
This is a new event with park limitations. Please RSVP to SignMeUpForEvent to help us plan.


- Gear of all kind is heavily encouraged (but not mandatory)
- Eat, drink, be social, and have fun
- Music, cards, frisbee, telestrations, and more...
- All gear must be street-legal
- No alcohol


In wonderful mid-October in a big grassy field, let's enjoy some good food, good like-minded company, and enjoy it all together in the gear that makes us feel good.

Leather, Rubber, Military Gear, Sports Gear, Kilts, Singlets, Pup Gear, Zentai, Cowboys, Union Suits, Diapers, Fursuits… Fuck, come dressed as a toaster-strudel if that’s the gear that makes you feel good.

The obvious sex-appeal aside, gear is also about self expression, feeling confident, and feeling good about ourselves. This is what we're celebrating.

This is a completely judgement-free zone with some of the sweetest and inviting people you'll ever meet. If you manage to not have fun, it’s nobody’s fault but your own.

Gear is strongly encouraged, but not mandatory. But feel free to use this as an excuse to finally get that harness you've been wanting for so long, or borrow some if you so desire. *nudge*

Once the picnic is done, if there’s interest, we’ll group up and hit up the nearby Haunted Trail together.

I welcome any and all suggestions either by facebook comments or emails to the same RSVP email below.

If you wish to contribute, you can help by bringing some of the following:
- Food
- Drinks
- Chairs (This particularly would be nice. If you can bring some, please mention so in the email)
- Anything else that’s fun or that you’re passionate about, that you want to share or show with everyone else.

RSVP through the facebook event page for this event, or if you don't use facebook, send an email to SignMeUpForEvent

Thank you.


If you want to arrive a little early to help setup, or have any questions call Keto at 858-529-5386 or send an email to SignMeUpForEvent

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