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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Butchmanns Experience: A Journey Into Leather Heart And Spirit

January 30 thru February 1, 2015

Proudly brought to San Diego by SIR Magnum of FetishmenSanDiego, in conjunction with Butchmanns of Arizona:

Friday, January 30, 2015 at 4:00 PM - Sunday, February 1, 2015 at 7:00 PM (PST)

The Butchmanns Experience is an intensive educational weekend designed to provide an opportunity for self-discovery in pursuit of self-actualization. The event includes hands-on training in basic SM practices, protocol and rituals, and a view of leadership and obedience through the lens of Master/slave dynamics. 

Butchmanns Experience allows us to explicitly visit areas that challenge and soothe us for the purpose of identifying who we are. Happiness comes from living authentically. When we are ready to be who we truly are, we encounter the next step on our path.

The emphasis of activities is on personal transformation and growth and includes intentional flogging, ritual temporary piercing, the call to serve and be served, and transformational mummification. These activities are further explored through in-depth discussions. The environment is structured to encourage safely entering new experiences, with the instructors and staff supporting each individual’s unique experience.


San Diego, California
Venue for the event will be disclosed upon registration
Near-by hotels are in the HOTEL CIRCLE area (92108)

Early reg. price: $250.00
After January 1, 2015: $275.00
Repeat participant: $200.00
(Includes meals: Dinner on Friday and Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Saturday and Sunday)
Butchmanns Scholarship Fund is available for financial assistance.
Questions: contact Magnum 619-922-2855 or email

To register visit one of these sites: 

Frank Explorer on the left, and SIR Magnum on the right.

From Magnum:

I'm excited to bring the Butchmanns Experience to the San Diego kink, leather fetish community. 

The Butchmanns Experience allowed me to look at various aspects of erotic dominance and submission including the spiritual through the Master/slave dynamic. 

I had the opportunity to perform rituals (flogging, needle piercing and mummification) to release energy that was blocking my authenticity. 

Overall, this workshop elevated my kink, BDSM play and experiences to a higher level. 

Please join me and other men (gay, bi, straight and transgendered) on this journey in Jan 2015.

From Frank Explorer:

Magnum and I participated in the Butchmanns Experience this past June.
It was an affirmation of the path I am creating in the BDSM community for myself, in this journey of life.

Here is my reflection on the Butchmanns tenets as I understand them and that experience.

The Butchmanns All Male Experience led us through a few basic SM practices designed to provide an opportunity for self-exploration. By identifying who we are we can learn how to be authentic.
Happiness comes from being/living who we truly are.

When we identify as Leatherman and incorporate leather into our life doesn’t that make us happier?
I think the answer is yes.

However, there may be times we are not able to express our leather self. The Butchmanns Experience uses SM intentions and rituals to assist us to live our leather life more consistently.

A lengthy discussion about SM role definitions was followed by choosing, for the weekend, to act as a Master or slave, understanding that growth would occur no matter which was selected.

Master or slave is the person we believe our selves to be. Unlike Top/Bottom, as Butchmanns expresses it, that is the visual queue of being the flogger or floggee. Unlike the Dom/Sub, again as expressed by Butchmann, which is a time limited agreement between each other and the roles we will play.

The Master needs to be on a path to authenticity (learning who they are) so they can give clear direction to the slave and it (the slave) can trust that the Master knows what they are doing. The slave needs to be authentic in its obedience, completing all they are asked to do trusting the Master will not mislead them. All can be authentic here and now to the degree they are able here and now.

Each Master was assigned a slave and then collared it for the weekend. A protocol of commands and responses was used and it was the job of the Master to teach those protocols and the slave to follow them. Using the protocols simple tasks were asked of the slave; serve the Master’s meals, request permission for any activity be that eating or peeing; coming or going. This really gave us a view of leadership and obedience through the lens of Master/slave dynamics.

Flogging at the Experience was used with the intent to inspire the slave to obey, because let’s face it flogging is what it (the slave) wants. Through a discipline of providing the slave with this regularly it makes them want to serve and obey. Additionally, the flogger itself is the implement to intentionally transfer power from Master to slave through intense…directed…strikes.

More about not being able to express our authentic selves; we need to figure out how to do this while maintaining the integrity of our life. Maintaining authenticity is not interchangeable with maintaining integrity. If you are authentically a Leatherman and if exposing yourself at your job could impact your livelihood then you need to maintain the integrity of your livelihood, thereby maintaining your authentic life. However, when opportunities arise to express your authenticity they must be taken.

We performed a ritual to give up things in our lives that prevent us from being authentic. Things like, self-doubt (I am not good enough); fear of rejection and being alone (if they find out they’ll leave me). Each of these things was offered up with a ritual temporary piercing. The needles were each then removed with the intent to bring something into your life; the truth about myself and true service to others for example. For someone like me that has never been pierced this was an intense ritual releasing unexpected emotions.

Transformational mummification or as Master Z called it ‘shake and bake’ was the next ritual. After a heart full discussion about the prior discussions, rituals and the impacts to each of us we literally wrapped it up in clear plastic wrap to contemplate what the hell just happened.  Each of us was wrapped from shoulder to ankles, blindfolded and ears plugged. We needed to work through the anxiety of being forcibly confined and restrained with the only thing free being our mind.  And using our mind alone to settle down and allow us an experience….whatever that would be.

Lastly, the greatest gift of this Experience was that all of this was done amongst brothers that were gay, straight and transgendered; TRULY AMAZING!

I recommend the Butchmanns Experience to anyone seeking confirmation of the path they are on or direction on a path they want to create.

Join us in January 2015 as we bring the Butchmanns Experience here to San Diego.

Your Brother and Comrade, Explorer Frank (xplrrb

“It is easy in the world to live after the world's opinion; it is easy in solitude to live after our own; but the great man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

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