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Friday, November 7, 2014

Photos and Audio from Gear Invasion and Awards Dinner

Photos by the ever-superb Scott Smith and Felix Moo, 
who always make us look our best!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014.

Some folks had to leave early, but here are the folks who stuck around for the end.

Pre-Event Publicity:

Wednesday, October 29, 6PM: Gear Invasion and Awards Buffet Dinner.  The plans are coming together FAST - the dinner will also feature our next Awards Ceremony, where men who have achieved their next level of personal growth will be publicly acknowledged.

Veggie lasagna arrives!

Get in your Gear and enjoy an evening with your friends and Brothers. October 29th, 2014 @ 6pm Join FMSD at DiMille's on Adams Avenue in Normal Heights for an All You Can Handle Italian Buffet.

Start off with Pizza Bites Appetizers, a Mixture of three different pizzas cut into appetizer size pieces. Enjoy a Garden Salad and some warm Garlic Bread. Grab a Beverage. (Soda, Tea, or Coffee included) Choose from Demille's Specialty Lasagna or Chicken Parmesan, or get yourself a bit of both. Then enjoy a selection of fine Italian desserts.

Co-hosts Papa Tony and Sir Jerry, Tribal Elders.

All of this while enjoying the company and love from your FMSD Family and Beyond.
Join Papa Tony and other Members as we celebrate each other and take notice of how far we have come this year. 2014 has been a Grand Year so let's celebrate and have a Grand time.

Buy your ticket early at the next couple of meetings/events and be entered into a raffle for prizes and gifts for only $25, this way we can have an idea of how many folks are interested. Money will also be accepted on the night of the dinner just make sure you RSVP to Papa Tony at SignMeUpForEvent and specify the dinner along with your name and how many people.

Dust off your Leathers, Put on that Harness, Wear that outfit you have been wanting to show off as long as it's Street Legal, we would love to see it.

See you on October 29th.

Notes from Papa Tony:

The Under-Thirty-Five Crew.

Everybody gathered around our young folks for a Group Hug.
Then, everybody sat down, and the Support Team was re-introduced 
to everyone else in terms of character, heart and integrity.

Two of our youngest and most-effective leaders - Keto and Nikita.

Our brother Sir Nicholas, the owner of the San Diego Eagle.

Donnie on the job:
Handling finances and raffle-tickets,
and always impeccably.

Our brother Duke from Club X.

Sir Magnum, who held FMSD together in a tough time.

Frank and Sir Magnum, whose dream is coming true - 

Boy Brian being praised...

…and then his partner Brett.

Keto gets more love.

Sir David gets a shirt that was practically made for him!

Travis HAD to try on his Tom of Finland attitude!

Dad Ron being thanked for three months of leadership.

Mr. San Diego Leather 2013 Eli is officially 
given a laptop for his schoolwork.

Talking about some VERY experienced and lovingly-used floggers.

Presenting them to our brother Travis, who earned them 
by introducing hundreds of folks to flogging, done right.

Travis shows off his Florentine flogging technique.

Sir David demonstrates his Technical Poi skills with fiber-optic flame whips.

The flame whips are presented as a token of my esteem.
Sir David has applied himself endlessly, learning new and 
exciting things, and succeeding at every step!

Our photographer Scott, FINALLY in front of the camera!

Our brother Donnie did a GREAT job of organizing the dinner.

Recent titleholders.  Left to right:
Mr. San Diego Eagle 2014 Paulo
San Diego Eagle Pup 2014 Colton
Knight of Leather 2014 Cobi
Ms. San Diego Leather 2014 Sarge
SoCal LeatherBear 2014 Donnie

Cutest Couple Award!

Pup Colton and Mike

Tribal Elder Sir Jerry takes over for a while.
He had asked various folks to come up and 
talk about their relationships with me, Papa Tony.

"I have no idea what the tattoo means… 
It came with the body when I took it over!"

Left to right:  Manager Dominic, Server Kali, and Papa Tony.

My long-suffering, vanilla husband Dennis.
This is the first time he has ever attended an FMSD event!

Our brother Jacob won a LOT of raffles!

Presenting a leather vest to our brother Jerry.

Duke (top center) won the custom-built whip 
from Carol at Okanagan Whips. These were the
folks who had also hoped to win!

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