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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

FMSD Geared-Up Potluck Picnic, This Saturday at Noon

Saturday, October 18, 12 noon

This is Keto Pup's first event that he has ever hosted, so let's show him support!


Marston Point 8th Dr San Diego, CA 92101, by the rest rooms.


Gear of all kind is heavily encouraged (but not mandatory)
Eat, drink, be social, and have fun
Music, cards, frisbee, and more...
All gear must be street-legal
No alcohol
Bring portable chairs if you have any to share
Creativity for food contributions are encouraged (see below)
Stay late to join The Haunted Trail


We are organizing a Gear Potluck, where you’re welcome to join us for good food and even better company. The idea here is to come wearing whatever makes you feel the MOST happy and expresses yourself. This is an event for us to come together and celebrate each other’s individuality by sharing what makes us happy among an inviting group of people.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new, experienced, have full head-to-toe gear or just an arm band. If you’re a nice guy who appreciates this stuff, we want you here.  Simple as that.

This is a judgement-free zone, where you’re encouraged to come in your favorite gear, whatever that may be.

It can be anything from Leather, Rubber, Military Gear, Sports Gear, Kilts, Singlets, Pup Gear, Zentai, Cowboys, Union Suits, Diapers, Fursuits, etc.

How often do you really get to wear your gear? Some of this stuff costs a lot. Come put some miles into em, and let yourself feel good and confident about the way you look, who you are, and the things that make you feel like the best you.

There’ll be a few small hands-on things to try with the help of some of the FMSD members.


The park doesn’t have provided seating. If you have portable chairs, please bring some to share.


As a potluck, we ask that you help contribute.

So as a guideline, I’d like to ask that if your last name starts with:

A-K: Bring an appetizer / salad / side dish

L-Z: Bring a main dish

We’re all adults desiring to contribute to a good time, so let’s be creative and thoughtful about bringing something great food and a variety of food. It wouldn’t hurt to bring some “healthier” options too, because as much as I wish it were true, sadly, men cannot live on pizza rolls alone.

On that note, I ask that you please avoid bringing pizza and fried chicken. As WONDERFUL as those foods are, it’s too likely we’d end up with ONLY pizza and fried chicken. Same goes with desserts. If you want to bring something sweet, please bring sweets an addition to a main dish or side.

This is a guideline. If by this guideline, it says you should bring an appetizer, but you’re EXCITED about a main dish you LOVE to make and share… by ALL means, make that main dish, and share it.


Afterwards, starting at 6:30pm, nearby, The Haunted Trail opens their ghoulish gates, and I’d like to gather up the remaining potluckers who have a desire, to hit up The Haunted Trail together as some fun pre-halloween fun.

Call Keto at (858) 733-0023 if you want to be part of the group.

Cash only at the gate, or buy online.

$19 for General Admission

$25 for General Admission + Experiment Maze

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