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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Local Boot Repair Recommendation

Manny, Jenny and Chris
From Papa Tony:

I recently dropped off my Wesco Engineer tall boots (that's them on the counter) to have the heels replaced.  After 22 years, I've worn down the sides of the heels, and it makes my knees hurt if I do a lot of walking in them.

I am glad to recommend Chito's (RIGHT around the corner from Redwing bar):

Chito's Shoe Repair
2936 Lincoln Ave
San Diego, CA  92104

They have done other work for me, such as 
installing snappy silver toe-caps on my cowboy boots.

I'm sure that there are other boot-and-shoe-repair shops around town.  This is what I like about Chito's:

Hyper-Boots (Wesco Big Boss)

I tested their open-mindedness, by showing them some pretty darned frisky photos from my private stash, showing me in some intensive boot-fetish action and gear. They responded exactly the way that I had hoped, with easy acceptance and new friendship.  These are great folks!

Calf Corsets (Wesco Jobmasters)

As a treat, the next time that I showed up, I brought in my "Hyper-Boots", my "Calf Corsets" and my Wesco Engineers, as a friendly Show and Tell form of entertainment. The crew at Chito's were thrilled, and took many pictures.
Wesco Engineers

While I was there, I realized that the heels on my Engineers were worn. So, the Chito's crew will get right on it, and have the boots ready in a few days.

I can gladly recommend these fine folks as friendly, professional and just plain nice.

From Sir Magnum:

It's a long-time, great establishment. I've taken my boots there for repairs throughout the years.

UPDATE from Tony:

Got the boots back today, and they are PERFECT. Ready for another 22 years! Chris complimented me on the fact that they were so perfectly maintained, with healthy leather, zero build-up, and every stitch individually detailed with a white grease-pencil. I told him the truth - My slave bob takes EXCELLENT care of my leathers!

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