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Monday, August 31, 2015

Men's Discussion: "You Assume Too Much", Wednesday, September 2

What's FMSD doing this Wednesday?

We are honored to have guest speakers who are well-loved and deeply respected.  
This will be a powerful and deep presentation.

When: Wednesday, 2 September 2015, 7pm till 9pm
Where:, Mission Valley

"You Assume Too Much"


Redefining authority exchange through the use 
of typically restrictive labels, titles and 
other preconceived notions.

Have you ever met a potential partner, discussed your individual power orientations, negotiated, then crashed and burned a scene, or perhaps an entire relationship? Have you been told you're a bottom, Dom, switch, etc yet never felt strongly connected to any particular label? Have you ever wanted to explore other types or play or sensations and felt unable to ask for what you wanted because you felt limited by or attached to a title you have or one you desire to have?

All too often we unconsciously group ourselves and others on ‘one side of the slash’ (B/D, S/M, D/S etc.) or the other and create preconceived notions about what what we can or can't, should or shouldn't do based on our position, title, or orientation.

In this class we will use the medium of bootblacking to demonstrate and discuss how we can take typically limiting and confining labels and turn them into springboards for reclaiming our individual power, power which we can then share honestly and authentically with our partners.


Jason is a self identified Master with strong Daddy tendencies, living in San Diego, CA and is steeped in the primal and ‘woo’ energies of the Southwest. He possesses formal certifications in Turkish percussion and drum healing. As a perpetual student, one will often find Him at workshops and conferences regionally and beyond. He openly shares knowledge and skills with anyone willing to get close enough. Multi volunteer award winner, current secretary of Club X SD and director of MAsT Metro SD, He has a penchant for rough body play, humiliation, sharps and watersports.

shilo is a devoted, slave-leaning Leather girl, living in San Diego, CA, yet conscious of her strong central Florida roots. Skilled at giving great chair, her amazing R.A.C.K. is a common sight in many bootblack lounges and serves as a lovely distraction to her SD Bootblack 2015 1st runner up medallion. When not at the stands, you can find her driving buses or offering her perky energy to a myriad of organizations or events such as SDGoL, Club X SD, and Central Florida KCO. Besides boots, she loves pet play, objectification and energy exchange.

A simple need for leather care services led the Tampa community to pair them together two years ago, and since then they have formed a spirited duo, answering calls for their skills, experience and mutual love of service. They have contributed to the success of endeavors such as Butchmann’s Experience on the Road, Flog Swarm, Leather HEAT and other events, having as much fun as possible along the way. They employ the regular use of taboo, ritual and other types of edge play to enhance their scenes and as vehicles for self exploration. Together they enjoy building forts and fucking in them and one rarely knows where they will turn up next.

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