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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Master Class For Beginners, Starts in September 2015

This article is part of my Mentoring for Tops/Sirs/Doms/Masters curriculum.

From Papa Tony:
In the past, I focused on those who identify as male.
Starting now, I'm opening it up. It's time.

Who is invited: 

Men and women who wish to step into the next phase of their lives as a Dominant.  Gender, orientation, body-style, age, color and experience-level are immaterial.  We will all be bonding TIGHTLY as friends, so be aware that there will be a lot of hugs and closeness.


6:30PM to 9pm or so, Second and Fourth Thursday of each month (unless otherwise negotiated).


To be announced to those who are accepted to the list. I will be limiting the class-size to twenty people.


Optional donation to the hosting location, and KEEPING YOUR WORD. I am too old to chase after flakes.  If you promise that you will show up, it's okay to renegotiate, but don't disappear on me. I can't put 100% of my energies into somebody who can't be depended upon.


- One (preferably two) Mister Thuddy flogger(s).  If you are smaller-framed, get the Mr. Thuddy Lite. They are the best floggers for beginners on a budget.

-  Watch this one-hour video.  It shows my instructional style, and it's densely useful for folks who want to learn a very fun and intimate style of flogging.

- PASS IT ALONG.  If you learn something, teach it to others.  The intention is to rebuild the culture of mentoring that we lost in the early 1980's, when so many wise elders died.

How to apply:

Send an email to SignMeUpForEvent, and include a long, detailed message about yourself. Include your contact-info, and the name that your friends call you.  I won't be using your email to judge your worthiness, I promise!  Just help me to learn about you, and to start a deeper friendship.  Include a facial photo, since I have a terrible memory, except for faces.

From Papa Tony:

I have been training new Sirs, Doms, Daddies, Tops and Masters, continuously, for years.  I explain why, here.  I consider it to be the very best use of my spare time.

As I say elsewhere, I make no pretense of knowing everything. That's not my specialty.  I specialize in encouraging the new, the shy, and the unsure.  There is a long list of Doms that have benefitted from my training, and they are out in the world, making LOTS of submissives very happy.

Since there is only one of me, I periodically work with groups as a cooperative effort.  It's that time again, so I am gathering names and making plans.

I teach a particular philosophy, which has served me well as a kinky Dom since 1977.  There are other, excellent resources in town (particularly Club X of San Diego), where you can learn advanced techniques (otherwise known as "hard skills").  I do very little of that, comparatively speaking.  I specialize in "soft skills"… Success techniques, coping-mechanisms, life-wisdom, and how to be POPULAR, for all of the right reasons.

I teach the things that you can't find anywhere else on the Internet, and I do it in a personalized way.

I teach you how to be a Dominant that everybody is glad to see, and whose dance-card is always as full as you can handle it.  In other words, I teach leadership skills.  I have a VERY high success-rate. Nobody goes through this process without big benefits.

So, bring your questions, and I will never bullshit you - If I don't know the answer, I will refer you to someone who knows. This is a pleasure for me, and it's a great way for us all to connect with new friends that may last us for a lifetime!

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