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Friday, August 25, 2017

Fetish Men is on FIRE!

Table of Contents

I. This Week in Kink
II. Ritual Fire & Fire Play Workshop
III. Upcoming Events
IV. From ME to YOU

I. This Week in Kink

Don't forget that Friday, September 1st from 9pm-Midnight, FMSD will be supporting California Drummerboy, Erik Thomas, in hosting Flogging Friday at the San Diego Eagle. We will have a few men present and available to flog, or demonstrate how to throw a flogger. If you've never experienced flogging and would like to get a small taste before Saturday's Party, this is a good place to do it!

Speaking of the Men's Only Party, we're excited to announce that we have upwards of 40 men registered to attend for our Party on Saturday, September 2nd. Ticket Sales will extend until Friday, September 1st for any last-minute attendees. If you're interested in attending and would like to get more information before the event itself, see this blog post or email DoriamFMSD@GMail.Com -- Ticket Sales can be handled through Venmo, Square Cash, or PayPal to secure your spot, if any are left, you can meet Doriam at Flogging Friday!

II. Ritual Fire & Fire Play Workshop (NEW VENUE!)

Sunday, September 10 - 6:30pm to 9:30pm
Fetish Men San Diego in conjunction with Club X San Diego will be hosting RITUAL FIRE; A TRIBAL BONFIRE SOCIAL. We are looking for volunteers to assist in reserving spots in Fiesta Island during the day on Sunday, September 10th. We suggest attendees arrive by 6:30, as sunset is predicted to hit peak-time at 7:00pm. Opening Ceremony will be held at 7'o'clock SHARP.

Ritual Fire will be a night of camaraderie and unity amongst our Brothers and Sisters. Live drumming will echo throughout the night, helping you open yourself to the tribal energy. Some of our local Brothers and Sisters will be engaging in Light- and Fire-Based Performances; we invite anyone interested to bring a swim suit and engage in Fire Photography. Join us as we come together in the ebb-and-flow of energy, connecting at our cores with those who share our most spiritual instincts.

Fetish Men 201 - Fire Play Workshop!
Saturday, September 30th - 3:00pm - 6:00pm
We have secured a new venue for 201+ Classes, which will take place on the Fourth or Fifth Saturday of each month. To commemorate Ritual Fire, we will be having one of our local players teaching a Fire Play Workshop on Saturday, September 25th from 3:00pm to 6:00pm. This workshop will go over how to safely play with various forms of fire, and will allow participants to experience Topping or Bottoming Fire Play in a safe, controlled environment.

Interested in attending? A requested $10 donation will reserve your spot to the event, payment can be made online, and space will be limited. The venue is located in the heart of Hillcrest; and the workshop will take place outdoors. Keep posted for more information!

III. Upcoming Events

FMSD Male-Only Party
Saturday, September 2nd
8:00pm - Midnight
FMSD's first Male-Only party will be held on September 2nd. If you haven't purchased your tickets, message Doriam by 11:59pm on Friday, September 1st to purchase your ticket and get your will-call information! Contact him via DoriamFMSD@GMail.Com

Flux_SD Switch Discussion
Sunday, September 3rd
5:00pm - 7:00pm
Join Flux SD the First Sunday of every month at Mimi's Cafe for a New Switch Discussion Group. Not sure what a "Switch" is? It's a Kinkster who can and does play on either side of the slash, depending on their current headspace. Let's support our Brothers and Sisters as they continue to explore themselves with this new group!

Ritual Fire; A Tribal Bonfire Social
Sunday, September 10th
6:30pm - 9:30pm
As listed above, Ritual Fire will be taking place on Sunday, September 10th. Please remember to arrive between 6:30pm and 7:00pm so as not to miss the opening ceremony, and bring a bathing soon as we will by the water, engaging in several forms of Fire-Play and Light-Performances.

XMen Academy - Men's Health/Stonewall Discussion
Thursday, September 14th:
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Join Club X's XMen! and our Local Titleholders as they lead discussion about Men's Health, and the involvement of the Stonewall Citizen's Patrol. This event is held from 7:00pm to 9:00pm, and a $5 donation is requested of non Club-X Members.

FMSD Demo Night @ The San Diego Eagle
Friday, September 15th:
9:00pm - Midnight
Each Month, we will be featuring a form of Kink/BDSM-style play at our local Leather Bar. Join us from 9pm to Midnight as we demonstrate Shibari/Rope Bondage this month, led by Doriam and Sir Francis!

Fetish Men @ Folsom Street Fair
Weekend of September 22-24th:
Time TBA
Going to Folsom? Celebrate Brotherhood, Camaraderie, and Connection of Man at Folsom Street Fair! This will be the first year for many of the men of FMSD, and we are looking forward to capturing the experience with a Group Photo or Brotherhood Dinner sometime during the weekend! More details to come.

Pet Play Lab with Doriam/Pup Bandit & Kit Karmelit
Saturday, September 30th
12:00pm - 2:00pm
Curious about the wonderful world of Pet/Pup Play? This class, taught at House of Black, is a 101-level introductory class to Pet Play amongst different dynamics of pets. If you are interested in what this kind of play looks like, this may be the class to attend! Doriam teaches the "Top-Side" of Pet Play, as it applies to Handling, Training, and being the Alpha of a Pet Play Dynamic, while his Partner/Co-Teacher Kit Karmelit teaches the "Bottom-Side" of pet play as it regards to engaging as a Pet, identifying your animal, and sculpting play.

Fetish Men Workshop - Fire Play with Justin
Saturday, September 30th
3:00pm - 6:00pm
We are happy to announce that a local member of Fetish Men San Diego has offered up his venue for us to teach 201-level classes. This month, to celebrate our first few big events, we will be hosting a Fire Play Workshop with Justin. His class will teach about the safe-practices to use with Fire, using Fire Wands and how to perform Fire Spankings! Attendees will be welcome to experience Fire from the Top and bottom sides if they so choose, but are welcome to simply attend and observe as well! Space is limited, email DoriamFMSD@GMail.Com to reserve your spot!

IV. From ME to YOU

As you can see, Gents, we are working hard to provide you with a great experience as Members of FMSD. I am still learning all of the ins-and-outs of running this group, and I am still actively looking for more help! If you have ANY insight about what you'd like to see done, events in the past that you'd like to see happen again, constructive criticism to make the group better - I AM HAPPY TO HEAR IT.

I look forward to seeing many of you on Saturday at the Party, the Bonfire on the 10th, and at the Fire Workshop on the 30th! Remember, Brothers -- I, WE, cannot do this without YOU!

In service,
Doriam C

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