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Friday, August 25, 2017

Members/Male-Only Party

Table of Contents:

I. Member's/Male-Only Play Party
II. Guidelines & What to Expect
III. Clarification on Membership
IV: From ME to YOU

I. Member's/Male-Only Play Party

Brothers, join us as we host FMSD's first BIG EVENT of the year. You are invited to attend our Mens-Only Play Party on Saturday, September 2nd.

The inspiration for this party is BDSM, Kink, and Leather. If you've never been to a Play Party
The Main Dungeon is equipped with Two St. Andrew's
Crosses, a Sling, Cage and Massage Cage.
like this, there will be Men in attendance who are more than willing to play with the new folk, and answer questions when appropriate. You'll see: Bondage, Flogging, Rope, Puppy Play, Water Sports, Suspension and more. For first-timers, we will have members of our Leadership Team available to welcome you to the space, as well as Volunteers happy to lend a guiding hand.

The Party will be held on Saturday, September 2nd, 2017 from 8:00pm to Midnight. Doors will close at 10:00PM sharp! House of Black is located in Miramar, between the 805 and 15 freeways near Ballast Point Brewery. The Venue is a 3000 sq.ft. fully-equipped dungeon facility with 7 rooms for attendees to play in.

II. Guidelines & What To Expect

Never been to a party at House of Black or an FMSD Party? See the Play Party & Dungeon Rules below:

Play Party & Dungeon Rules

House of Black is a fully-equipped dungeon with toys available for attendees to use while in the space; however, we do recommend bringing your own toys, tools, and gear as we cannot promise that any specific items will be available throughout the night. If you are curious on whether the toy(s) you'd like to bring are allowed, please email, or ask a Dungeon Monitor.

We Recommend:

Please consider bringing the following.
  • Toys & Gear: Storage areas available.
  • Eating Prior: We will provide light snacks during the party. Please eat before.
  • Towels: There is a shower available for attendees, the shower may also be used for play involving Water Sports.
  • Condoms & Lube: We will provide some, but better safe than sorry.

High-Risk Play:

Please receive approval prior to engaging in the following types of play. You may receive approval by emailing

The Bondage Bedroom is fully equipped with Hard Points for
Rope or Leather Cuffs, Stocks and a Cage underneath.

  • Hoods/Masks (Pup Hoods are allowed)
  • Knives or Scalpels
  • Wax Play
  • Fire Play
  • Water Sports (outside of designated area)

The following are PROHIBITED at this event:
Medical Room with CBT Chair and Inspection Table
  • Scat.
  • Whips longer than 6 feet
  • Guns, Firearms, or Explosives (real or simulated)
  • Cell Phones in the main play-space.
  • Photos or Recording without prior permission.
  • Intrusive odors: Sage, Incense, Cologne, etc.

III. Clarification on Membership

Unlike many of the clubs in San Diego, FMSD does not have a formal membership, instead we welcome all Men who choose to affiliate with us as our Brothers, and Members of Fetish Men. The only 'formal' prerequisite, is that you be Male-Identifying.

For 201+ Classes, we ask that attendees have a basic understanding of BDSM/Kink/Leather because it is a faster paced class. If you are new to the community as a whole, you are welcome to email any person on the FMSD Leadership Team and ask for someone to join you at one of the intro classes hosted in San Diego. We will do our best to find someone to attend the event with you whenever possible.

Additionally, we have two forms of Contact on Facebook. @FetishMenSD is a Like Page which you can Like or Follow for regular updates about general events happening in the community, or events in which we welcome FMSD and other groups to attend. Fetish Men San Diego is a private group on Facebook where we post our FMSD Exclusive events, or events with a BDSM/Kink/Leather theme to abide by Facebook Terms of Service. If you are not a member of the group page, please submit a message to @FetishMenSD asking to be added and we will gladly do so!

IV. From ME to YOU

This is quickly becoming my favorite part of the Newsletters to write, as it requires much less formal-speech and allows me to speak with you both individually and as a whole. I am very excited to put on this event for the Membership, I look forward to seeing everyone together at the party, and hope that you all enjoy the event in-action as much as I have enjoyed putting it together.

I am looking for 2-4 Men to help before the party begins, and after the party ends, to assist in putting the space together. While the rooms are already set up, there are areas we'd like to rearrange. If you can make yourself available for either an hour before or an hour after, please email me at:

Additionally, if you have anyone who you'd like to bring to the party, please let me know! I will be at the Eagle this Sunday (08/27/2017) starting at 4PM for Ticket Sales, and will be available throughout the week leading up to Thursday, August 31. If you would like to reserve yourself a ticket and cannot pay the full price currently, we have volunteer spots available, or other arrangements can be made.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend, and I look forward to seeing you soon!

In Service,
Doriam C

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