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Monday, January 8, 2018

Upcoming Out-of-Town Events for 2018

From Papa Tony:

It's the proper time of year to make travel plans, brothers. There are scads of superb events coming up, and the goal here is to make sure that you:

1. Know about them,
2. Plan for them ahead of time, to save $$$ on flights and hotel expenses, and
3. Know what to do (for a few major events), once you are there.

If you have suggestions for others that you would like to add here, please send them to papatony @ - Thanks!

The focus of this article in non-local events, so full details about San Diego Leather Pride events are posted here.

2017's big surprise was Palm Springs Leather Pride, during Halloween weekend.  It was the largest Leather/Kink/Fetish event south of San Francisco that I have ever seen, in forty-one years.  It was crowded, and then even more crowded.  THOUSANDS of men, and acting very "single", if you know what I mean…

January 12-14: Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend 2018 in Washington, DC

Feb 8-12: Annual International Bear Convergence in Palm Springs

Feb 22-25, 2018: DNA: Drummer North America in Las Vegas. Educational and community-based events, with a major titleholder contest night.

March 18 - 25, 2018: LA Leather Pride 2018

This is an EXCELLENT weekend of events.  Highlights will be the selection of Mr. LA Leather 2018 on 3/24 and the 6th annual Off Sunset Festival on March 25!

Being Los Angeles, they have a lot of very talented folks in the entertainment industry, who also happen to be kinky, and it's all very stimulating.  Don't miss the Street Fair (lots of vendors) on Sunday (see below)

Sunday, March 25, 11am: Off Sunset Festival in Silverlake. Closing event for LA Leather Pride. WELL worth sticking around for.

Wednesday, April 4 - Sunday, April 8:  SmokeOut in Las Vegas

Thursday, Apr 19 - Saturday, Apr 22:  Fist Fest Spring FFling in Augusta, Georgia (Parliament Resort of Augusta)

April 26-29: CLAW, in Cleveland, Ohio.   Photos are here. I have not attended, so here is quote from a friend: I’ve never been to CLAW, so I don’t have any reference.  I do know that there is a focus on education and classes.  There isn’t a contest.  The weekend seems to be focused around brotherhood, and better equipping leathermen with skills and knowledge.

May 24-27: International Mr. Leather 2018 Contest in Chicago. This event is massively pleasing.  I suggest that you visit it at least ONCE in your life.  It has the biggest Vendor Fair anywhere.  There are two distinct crowds who show up:

- The folks who care deeply about community, and who show up to support their local titleholders running for the biggest leathermen's title (such as Mr. San Diego Leather 2017 Nathan, who will be on stage this year), and…

- The men who are looking to have sex and kinky play with as MANY men as possible, within one weekend. The lobby at the host hotel is INTENSE, day or night, with men cruising like mad.  Check the photo, and make plans now!

June 9 – 10, 2018: Los Angeles Pride, with the parade on SUNDAY

Music Festival & Parade is Southern California's biggest LGBTQ celebration. Chart-topping artists, events & more.  Expect to see the largest number of muscular, shirtless gym-bunnies, anywhere on earth. Hugely well-attended.  Offer to march with the Leather Contingent in Sunday's Pride Parade, and meet some great new friends!

Butchmanns Experience in Phoenix, Arizona. Mentoring and educational experience devoted to helping you take ownership of your inner Dom or sub!

June 8 - 10, 2018 All Male

August 24 - 26, 2018 All Women

October 26 - 28, 2018 Pansexual

July 13-15: San Diego Pride, with the parade on SATURDAY, July 14, and the Leather Realm on Saturday and Sunday.  The Leather Realm is WONDERFUL place, but hard to find.  The Pride folks don't want kinky goings-on to scare anybody, so our section is hidden behind fencing, down at the west side of the bottom of the hill at the festival.  Look for folks checking ID's, and maybe a Leather Pride Flag.  Definitely make plans to march with folks in the Leather Contingent.

This is the 2017 Pride Parade Leather Contingent!

July 20-22: Wet ’n Hot Weekend in Palm Springs. Over 500 sexy, attitude-free guys will descend upon an underground location in Palm Springs for a weekend filled with uninhibited pig play, brotherhood and fun. It’s the Biggest Piss Party on the Planet, and it’s unlike anything else that you’ve ever experienced!

Sunday, July 29th, 2018, 11am to 6PM: Up Your Alley Street Fair in San Francisco. The Folsom Street Fair's, smaller, gay-male-oriented brother event.

It's official.  I WILL be attending the Up Your Alley Street Fair weekend this year.  I will be Den Daddy for a lot of leathermen this year, as I have done for decades.  There is no charge for this. After signing-up,  you arrive in San Francisco for the weekend, and send me a text to let me know that you are ready. 

All weekend long, I will send out invitations for tours of a particularly wonderful place to be, for that time-slot, and you can show up if you would like to.  I know a LOT of great folks, places and circumstances that will help you to feel that you are "on the inside", all weekend long.  You will have a safe, exciting and FUN time, with very nice brothers, that you will remember fondly for the rest of your life!  Drop me an email at papatony @ if you'd like to be a part of the fun.

Wednesday, Aug 15 - Saturday, Aug 18: Fist Fest in Guerneville, CA (Northern California)

Thursday, August 30 through Monday, September 3, 2018: Southern Decadence, New Orleans, Louisiana. None of the official events are at the leather bar, but the Phoenix (and upstairs at the Eagle) are THE place to be that weekend.

September 1-3, 2018: Master/slave Conference - MsC 2018

MsC 2018 - Building Community!

MsC 2018 is produced by MTTA, Inc., a 501-c-3 all-volunteer non-profit educational organization.

The highly educational and unique event always takes place over Labor Day Weekends. outside Washington, DC

Education, Networking and History!

MsC 2018 will include a diversity of educational opportunities with Workshops, Intensives, Panels, Roundtables and Service Stations on Master/slave relationships

Online Registration & Hotel Room Booking will open in March 2018 

Sunday, September 27: Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. Last Sunday in September, every year.   HUGE.  300,000 kinky people within a very small area.  Massive, international event.  Just google "Folsom Street Fair" and check out the pics.  Again, it's kinky Mecca, and should be experienced at least ONCE in your life, but bring friends as a way to stay centered and sane in the midst of the crowd!

October 4-6: Fist Fest in Augusta, Georgia

October 25-28: Desert Leather Pride in Palm Springs.  Simply honking' HUGE in 2017, and it'll probably attract even MORE men in 2018, once word gets around.  Lots of vendors.  Great titleholder contest.

Nov. 6-8: Palm Springs Gay Pride, with the parade on SUNDAY, Nov. 8

Friday, Nov 23 - Sunday, Dec 2, Pig Week  in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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