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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Erotic Leather Care And Techniques

Spike really knows this stuff,  and this is a rare opportunity to learn bootblacking,  which really, REALLY builds up Boy Points if you are looking for a Sir!

Erotic Leather Care And TechniquesTue. Jan. 10,  7-9PM, hosted by Spike Tranq: 

A hands-on workshop with something for everyone. Learn basic bootblacking/leather care skills, as well as the seductive and suggestive acts that go along with it.

You will need: 

-- bootblacking kit: saddle soap, brushes, wax shoe polish, shoe grease, towels
**if you don't own one, beginner's kits will be available for purchase, with the exception of towels**

-- article of clothing to work on: boots, chaps, pants, vest, harness, or jacket. It can be in any condition, brand new to extra worn.

-- MOST IMPORTANTLY, bring your imagination and ready to have some dirty, kinky fun. I look forward to seeing you all there.

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