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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Upcoming Events

All right, all right - I'm FINE.  Please stop worrying about me!  I'm entirely over the "Chest Crud" (that's the medical term for it).  Thanks to everyone for their concern.  I hope that we are all in vibrantly good health from now on, because it's building up to be a busy year...

From now on, I'm going to link to my new "How to Fit Into the Tribe and Be Happy" article at the top of EVERY one of my Upcoming Events listings. It's that important to me.  Now that we have a continuous series of successful events, it's time to make them even MORE successful in terms of how welcome everyone feels. I've noticed that there are clusters of men who have the very best time, and I'm highly motivated to make those clusters grow at every event. 

As one example…

The LL Bear Dance Party is this Saturday night.  Since that event normally lacks a dedicated Party Host (such as our Chris who runs the BearDance at Numbers), I figure that I can step in and get a VERY jolly crew together for a fun night.  One of my favorite DJ's will be on duty, so we don't have to worry about the music. Get your Disco Nap, then show up EARLY (about 10PM), come up to me directly and say "I'M CHECKING IN!". Things will get a heck of a lot more fun, really fast. We'll get sweaty, wild, and high on the endorphins of communal joy!  Woof!

As another example:

In a week or so, I will be hosting the Facebook Party.  That is a purely sociable event, and I will be handing out stickers that you can write your screen name upon. I will be mixing and mingling freely, doing my Cruise Director Thing, making sure that everybody is shifting from being virtual friends to the real kind. If it goes well, we might just make it a regular thing. It's nice to meet at bars, but sometimes we need a quieter environment for actual conversation.


Wed. Jan. 18, 7-10PM: FilmOut San Diego presents SHORTBUS at the Birch North Park Theatre. $10 cash at the door, and bring extra cash for the fabulous raffle items!   I will be there at 6:45PM SHARP with 25 free tickets for my FMSD buddies, so get there early!  Upcoming movies: Feb 15th-Breakfast at Tiffany's, Mar 14th-HAIR, Apr 18th-Cry-Baby, May 16th-Sordid Lives.

Wed. Jan. 18, 7-9PM: MEN'S MONTHLY DISCUSSIONS. Moderated by California LeatherSir 2012 Sam. This has turned out to be ideal for building friendships by getting to know men outside of the bar/cruising scene. First and third Wednesday of each month. Featured guests for the evening will be CubClub, a group of young, dynamic men who were the organizers behind the recent, wildly successful BELT party.

Wed. Jan. 18, 7-11PM: TNG social event at Bamboo Lounge. TNG stands for "The Next Generation", which is a kinky social group for younger men and women from 18 to 35 years old. This particular event is in the style of a group discussion. Third Wednesday of each month.

Thu-Sun, Jan 19-22: Southwest Leather Conference

Thu. Jan. 19, 9-PM-Midnight: Yellow Hankie Social Night at the Eagle. First and Third Thu. of each month.

Fri. Jan. 20, 8:30PM-1AM: FRIDAY NIGHT BEAT AND GREET, downtown, hosted by Bryan Teague - American Leatherboy 2010, tiger - Ms San Diego Leather 2010, caryl - San Diego's premier Sea Monkey Trainer, and Mike Underwood - San Diego's very own Curmudgeonly teddy bear. Third Fri. of each month. This is a GREAT educational event if you want some hands-on training in a safe environment.

Sat. Jan. 21, 9:30PM-2AM: LL Bear Dance Party @ Rich's San Diego w/ DJ Shane Stiel. Shane is the excellent DJ that played for the BELT party, and he's a member of FMSD.

Sun. Jan 22, 2-6PM: Bears San Diego Chili Cook Off at Redwing, benefits the Trevor Project and Special Delivery.

Jan 26th to 29th: Hard Edge - Beyond the Realm weekend

Sat. Jan 28, 10pm: Underwear Party and Contest at the Eagle. Hosted by Mr. SD Eagle 2011 Kane. Fourth Sat. of each month.

Wed. Feb. 1, 7-9PM: MEN'S MONTHLY DISCUSSIONS Moderated by California LeatherSir 2012 SamThis has turned out to be ideal for building friendships by getting to know men outside of the bar/cruising scene. First and third Wednesday of each month. Here is a picture from the December 21 event. It's a great excuse for the generations to meet and build friendships and share mentoring. Featured guests for the evening will be TransMen of the community, who have been alongside us at events all along. Come and hear their side of things.

Wed. Feb. 1, 9PM: PUPPY NIGHT at the Eagle, hosted by Beep and San Diego Puppy Patrol (SDPP). First Wed. of each month.

Thu. Feb. 2, 9-PM-Midnight: Yellow Hankie Social Night at the Eagle. First and Third Thu. of each month.

Fri, Feb. 3, 7-9PM; SDLOG EDUCATIONAL EVENT.  First Friday of each month. at the Joyce Beers Community Centerby the Aladdin restaurant near Ralph's supermarket on University.

Sat. Feb. 4, 9PM-2AM; BearNight Dance at Numbers. $5 cover. First Sat. of each month. Lots of leathermen attend this event, and it comes highly recommended… Here are some reviews.

Sat. Feb.4, 9PM-3AM: ANVIL CLUB up in the San Fernando Valley. I give it a rave review here. Upcoming dates include Mar. 24 (LA Leather), April 21(Sports Gear), June 23, August 24 (Rubber), Oct. 20 (Uniforms) and Dec. 15.

Sun. Feb. 5, 5PM, CIGARS & BOOTS on the patio at Redwing Bar & Grill. First Sun. of each month. If you like a low-pressure, comfortable event with men that you can relate to, this one is for you. 

Thu. Feb. 9 at 9pm till 1am; Red Hankie Social Night at the Eagle.  Second Thu. of each month

Fri. Feb. 10: Mr. San Diego Eagle 2012 Contestant Registration Deadline

Fri. Feb. 10, 9PM-1AM: DRESS IT UP/STRIP IT DOWN at the Eagle; 2nd Fri. of each month. Hosted by Eli. It's the nicest, friendliest crowd you'll see at a leather bar. Here are a few reviews, if you haven't been to one yet. Dress to impress if you've got the gear, or show us some skin - I promise you'll be glad that you did. Here are some pictures from Oct.FebruaryMarchAprilJune and September. Notice how HAPPY everybody is. You deserve to be that happy too.

Sat. Feb. 11, 9PM onward: UNIFORM NIGHT at the Eagle. Wear Military Gear or Civil Uniform Gear. Second Sat. of each month.

Mr. San Diego Eagle Contest Weekend:
Fri. Feb 17, 10pm: Mr. San Diego Eagle MEET & GREET @ The Eagle
Sat. Feb 18, 9pm: Mr. San Diego Eagle 2012 CONTEST
 @ The Eagle

Fri. Mar. 30, 8:30PM-1AM: MEN-ONLY Fri. NIGHT BEAT AND GREET, downtown, hosted by Bryan Teague - American Leatherboy and Mike Underwood - San Diego's very own Curmudgeonly teddy bear. The Men-Only version is on the FIFTH Fri. of each month, such as June 29, August 31 and Nov. 30th of 2012. There will be hands-on training for folks who want to learn from experts in a very safe environment. I will be there, teaching flogging as usual.__,_._,___

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