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Monday, January 16, 2012

How to Fit Into the Tribe and Be Happy

In the age of the Internet, many people are a bit socially awkward, because we aren't accustomed to going up to strangers and saying "Howdy!"  The part of our brain that gathers together the social graces to initiate actual, interpersonal contact has metaphorically withered away, replaced by texting and Grindring.

No problem whatsoever.

Here in San Diego's kinky gay-male community, you've got a secret weapon:

Me... Papa Tony.

If you're at an event… ANY event, and you see me (I'm always the tallest guy in the place), then come right up to me and say "I'M CHECKING IN!"  That way, I know that it's time for me to start introducing you around. It'll be fun!

I've got social skills like nobody you've ever met.  I have a rare personality type that allows me to talk to dozens of complete strangers all night long, and charm the heck out of them. My oldest brother told me that I've been this way since I was a baby, and I have never stopped. I've hosted hundreds of events that turn out joyfully for everybody who attends.

I also get to meet some great folks along the way, so if you want to be introduced to the nicest guys around, I know exactly who they are.  It's about as easy and automatic as breathing, for folks like me.

I make this offer, because it works. I can promise nearly 100% success, thanks to my natural enthusiasm and intuition. I truly give a damn about building better friendships among the members of our community. When I introduce like-minded people, they "stick". They don't wander away, bored.  They stay close with the rest of the crowd, chattering away, and feel great afterward.

Here in San Diego, we have lots and lots and lots of great events all of the time.  The only thing that can make them better is if everyone feels welcome, secure, and satisfied with the way that everyone treats them. Having a natural-born Cruise Director around is a great way to facilitate that feeling.

So, when you get out in public and see me, DON'T BE SUBTLE. Don't hint around, or expect me to be psychic about your intentions. March right up to me, look me directly in the eye and say "I'M CHECKING IN!"  You'll be glad that you did. I promise.

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  1. I have to admit, you cahrmed the heck out of me in Palm Springs, Sir.