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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Review of the LL Bear Dance Party

I went to the LL Bear Dance Party this last Saturday, and I was shocked at how much I loved it. It's the real thing.

I haven't been to LL Bear for years, because it simply hadn't been my style. I'm a snob about dance-party events, having hosted so many myself (the Rampart dance party, at Shooterz bar, years ago). I like a Tribal-style event, where everybody feels connected, and nobody feels left out. I had made up my mind that RICHS was the wrong place to seek out such a thing. I'm glad to say that I was wrong!

The dynamic young men of CubClub have taken over the LL Bear party, and holy crap - I had a GREAT time.  These are the same guys who created and hosted the BELT party (the next one is coming up in March - details soon). I hadn't realized that they were hosting LL Bear until a few days ago. A lot gets by me these days.

I recently figured out that I have been going to gay-male dance-bars for 36 years, and I can't be bothered to waste time at many of the impersonal, unpleasant events that have been offered up over the years. It's a lot easier to just stay home in front of the computer. But, the computer can't supply you with the communal pleasures of dancing ecstatically among men who share your attitudes and desires. I got LOTS of that on Saturday night.

Everybody was friendly, it was cruisy as all hell, and I saw a bunch of great men that danced with me and with each other. The place was jammed.  The music was hot, exciting and always had a groove that was easy to get into. DJ Shane Stiel does a masterful job of keeping the energy going.

There was a full, large team making LL Bear a success, and the men dancing up onstage, handling the lighting-system and serving up the music were an active, dedicated part of the process. I deeply admire people who go after a project like it's crucial, meaningful and important… That MAKES it important for the folks who show up and can see a difference.

I can see that I'm going to have to build up more Boyfriend Points at home, in order to get away with adding one MORE monthly event to my calendar. My husband really doesn't mind much, because I come home so happy.

I came home very happy on Saturday night!

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