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Friday, May 4, 2012

MEN'S DISCUSSION: HIV and "Magnetic" Relationships

From California Leather Sir 2012 Sam Fenix:

MEN'S DISCUSSION: HIV and "Magnetic" Relationships

7-9PM, Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cost: Free of charge, with an entirely optional donation to show appreciation for the use of the space.

HIV has been in our community for a very long time. But it seems to have some sort of negative stigma behind being HIV-positive, or people tend to ignore that HIV exists. Both views are unhealthy and there needs to be some light shed on the topic. 

There are people in our community that place no stigmas on HIV status, choose to date freely and maintain successful relationships regardless of their status. These relationships are called "magnetic relationships" (positive and negative partners). This kind of couple has been treated similarly to an interracial couple being treated in the 1950s. 

This discussion is targeted towards clarifying and educating people on HIV, and talking about relationships that are safe and fulfilling, regardless of HIV status.

Past Discussion Topics: Long-Term Relationships, Vanilla/Kink Relationships, Titleholders/Community-oriented, Puppies, Transmen, Racism.

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