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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Review of Special Delivery Benefit

On Sunday, May 20, a group of wonderful volunteers created a benefit for Special Delivery.  I've written about them before, and this charity is very dear to my heart, so I gladly agreed to participate.
The goal was to evoke some dark, risky and spicy energy in the mix.  The evening went a bit long, because there were so many talented folks to entertain the crowd.

Once the show got started, it was run with stopwatch precision. My face may have been on the poster, but Candi Samples, Franceska and Ian were ON THE JOB. I was just there to demonstrate flogging for five minutes EXACTLY.  Being a big blabbermouth, I wasted a lot of that time talking to the crowd.  We still got some good work done.  
My favorite part was when I was talking to the crowd, and when I said "I plan to make it more INTENSE", I whipped my rolled-up single-tail bullwhip out of my back pocket and CRACKED it in one smooth motion.  Years of practice have really paid off!  If anybody has any pictures, let me know...

On the left, Ian Morton (one of the main organizers, and a seriously good singer), with Mr. San Diego Leather 2011 Kurt. This was Kurt's final event before heading off to compete in the International Mr. Leather 2012 contest in Chicago. He is frantically busy getting ready for the trip, but as always, you can't keep him away if there is a charity to be helped.

I took a LOT more pictures, of nearly all of the performers, but my pocket-camera decided to focus on infinity, so most of the pictures turned out horrible. I apologize to all of the talented folks who aren't represented here. I really did try my best.

This little darlin' had a winning technique for tipping the performers - he always insisted on getting a kiss before relinquishing the cash!

Unfortunately, with my elderly-man memory, I can't even begin to mention each of the dozens of superb talents that stood out for me, though I sure have a personal weakness for Edie's performances (in the blue dress) - I do love me some SASSY behavior!

Candi and Franceska are long-time community volunteers and organizers, but this was Ian's first effort to headline a major event as a front-line leader. He has clearly arrived, and can stand with the best of them!

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