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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Review of STUD NIGHT at the Eagle

On Friday, March 18, The San Diego Eagle hosted Fabio Stallone, who has been active in the adult entertainment industry.  He is originally from Naples, Italy.
Sir Nicholas started off the event reminding us to be courteous of our special guest for the evening.

Sir Mike conducted the interview, helping Fabio "eat the microphone", meaning to speak directly into it for maximum effect.

After the interview, it was time to strip down and raffle off the porn DVD's.

Fabio's boyfriend was there to show support.

Several handsome men came up for photos with Fabio.

Fabio then flogged Sir Nicholas' boy Kevin.

I was then invited to flog Fabio. He has a great back to work with.

I like to alternate with some gentle beard-scratching to vary the stimulus.  This is the first time I've seen what my butt looks like in twenty years! 

His back got good and pink!

I checked in on him often, since this was our first time playing together.

Many thanks to Chip for the great photos of me and Fabio, and to the Eagle for hosting such a great night.  The bar was jammed despite it being the same weekend as Long Beach Pride.

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