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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Review of Underwear Party and Contest

On Saturday, May 26, I attended the Underwear Party and Contest at the San Diego Eagle, which occurs on the fourth Saturday of each month. I was very pleasantly surprised at how CROWDED it got by the time the event was in full swing. My slave told me he had to walk sideways to get from the St. Andrew's Cross to the bar for more drinks.

The best part about the event was how friendly it was - there was a jolly roar of camaraderie at all times, and everybody CLUMPED together, instead of being scattered, isolated and lonely.
Local superstar flogger Sebastian was at his prime that night - he was putting on quite a show. There was an eager line-up of men wanting to see what being flogged was all about. Sebastian has it all - Style, intuitive assessment from moment to moment, technique... and he's a hot, hot man.

Eli was very busy working the crowd, talking everybody into shucking their gear and stripping down to their underwear. Many men are shy about this at first, but soon grow very comfortable and confident when they get a lot of unexpected, pleasing attention.

Soon, it was time for the underwear contest. There were six contestants, and Eli soon had them talking to the crowd and doing calisthenics. Eli tells me:
There were a lot of out-of-towners visiting, and they seemed very happy - It was a great mix.  It was nice to have a nice variety of men of different ages in the contest. Gar’ron, the man with the collar, won the $100 prize, and the runner-up won $25.

I loved to watch Eli being Master of Ceremonies.  He is utterly comfortable in the role, and he has a way of grabbing the crowd's attention. I turned into a pumpkin at midnight and had to head home, but the party was still in full swing as I was leaving.

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