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Friday, January 18, 2013

Going Deep, Gaining Friends, Blossoming Forth

7PM every Wednesday.

A little over a month, ago, the weekly Men's Discussions were intentionally shifted into a more intimate, deeper and riskier path. We've had topics that have led to a good half of the men present crying at various times (not as a tragedy, or as a breakdown, or as a bid for sympathy, but as in catharsis). Men have felt safe enough to take some big chances, in order to finally tell secrets about themselves that have burdened them for decades.

As a result, in ALL cases, this scary gamble has paid off BIG, with everybody growing closer and closer as true friends. In the age of Internet social retardation, this is extremely valuable for the men who are ready to grow into their next phase. Men are "blossoming forth" on a constant basis - They are leaving old baggage behind, never to take it up again.

As a Tribe, WE NEED THIS. We need to be able to leave our burdens behind, individually and collectively. We just didn't have a safe space to get the process started, until thirteen months ago.  Now, the men who come out of those meetings with their heads held high, and their shoulders back, and a lighter heart, are the guiding-forces for the rest of the community at every event.

They set the tone for everyone else, which is why our events are ALL so damn JOYFUL.

At the first Men's Discussion that you attend, you will be shy and withdrawn, and nobody minds. This is normal, and we have all been there. Then, at the following discussions, you'll start sharing more and more, and nobody will shut you down, shame you, or act as though your words have no value. We are a mutual-support team of brothers, and we are not a closed-down clique.

If you're tired of how your life has been going, and hunger for a complete shift into a new, happier phase, then take a chance on the Men's Discussions. The more that you put into it, the more that you get out of it.

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