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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Forcing History Forward, and RIGHT AWAY (this weekend)

This weekend is a breakthrough... something wildly Tribal and REAL, and if you miss it, you're going to regret it. 

4-7PM Saturday, February 2nd, at Bourbon Street: Cigars & Boots

Mr. San Diego Eagle 2012, Eli

Featuring some very special guests: We will be honoring Eli, the outgoing Mr. San Diego Eagle, who has earned our respect many, many times over. The list of his accomplishments will be read by the men who are running to replace him as Mr. San Diego Eagle 2013 in two weeks. This is all about establishing continuity in our Tribe's history. Please come out and show love and approval for our brothers who are stepping up to declare their intention to improve the community.

Me with International Mr. Leather 1988 Mike Pereyra at Palm Springs Desert Pride 2012

Our VERY SPECIAL GUEST will be Mike Pereyra, who represented San Diego when he won the title of International Mr. Leather 1988, 25 years ago. This will be his first return to the public stage in our town in decades. He is a dear, sweet man. Let us show him love, and welcome him back in fine style!

9:30PM Saturday, February 2nd, at The Eagle: 
Biggest Gear Night in the San Diego Eagle's History

If you have gear (even just a harness), you will want to get there early. THERE WILL BE A LINE OUTSIDE, and men in gear will be moved to the front of the line. Yes, I WILL be organizing a Group Photo.

Our brothers from the statewide California B&B Corps will be our honored guests. Let's show them how happy, affectionate, and unified all of our events can be, but while JAMMED NUT TO BUTT IN GEAR.

Fuckin' WOOF!

So, Tell Us About The Back-Story…

As I have mentioned before, we will be hosting wonderful men from San Francisco, Palm Springs and Los Angeles this weekend. They are our brothers from the Old Guard-oriented California B&B Corps. They are coming to our town for a statewide convention for the very first time. Why? Because San Diego's Tribe is legendary. That is not hyperbole. It is a fact.

Our city is riding the tip of the wave of cultural change. We are smashing old records on a constant basis, and shocking the worldwide leathermen's community with our ever-increasing numbers. While other cities are losing old-line clubs and leather bars, we are vibrantly thriving and CHANGING on an ongoing basis. We are a moving target, and that is a good thing. Stagnation has been the cause of too many endings in our Tribe. Flexibility and risk-taking keep us moving forward.

Our brothers (and sisters) all around us are keenly interested in how we do what we do. So, we are continuing to get visits from many cities on a formal and informal basis. This trend is increasing.

The jungle drums of news, gossip, feedback, excitement and other information flying around tell me that we are ready for the next unstoppable push. RIGHT NOW.

So, let's just go for it. I'm ready.

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