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Thursday, January 31, 2013

James Checks In From Afghanistan

Back on November, a week before he shipped out to Afghanistan, our own leatherboy James decided to host a geared-up dinner in a non-traditional space. It went very well.

Since then, our James is in constant contact with many of us here in the USA, thanks to low-cost (or free) Internet connections. He is on a constant personal-growth trajectory, even though he's 10,000 miles away:

He is making many courageous, life-affirming decisions about how his life is going.  At the beginning of each one of our 7PM Wednesday Men's Discussions, he sends me a text-message, sending his best to the men who meet for personal growth and sharing of wisdom. He is hungry for the same sort of loving support in his life, and is not afraid to ask for it.

Upper arrow shows "TMI" with a circle and slash over it, 
indicating that we are encouraged to share freely, without shame or fear.
Lower arrow shows James's video, playing on my iPad.

This time around, he has asked me to play a video at last night's discussion.  With his permission, I am posting it here, for you to enjoy. He is passionate, inspired, and makes declarations that are very powerfully expressed. Thirteen minutes of joy!

James recently shifted to a second, kinkier Facebook page, if you would like to follow his growth and share some friendship. He's worth it. I probably interact with him for at least an hour a day, if either one of us has time. I'm always rewarded with a better, closer brotherhood that I treasure as a prize in my life.

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