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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fifty Over Fifty Photo Shoot

Update from May 9, 2013: Jay Lawson passed away. 

This is what I posted:

Saturday May 11th, 12 noon to 3PM: Celebration Of The Life Of Jay Lawton at The Eagle LA Bar.
Jay Lawton of JayPG Photography - long time photographer for the Mr. LA Leather Contest and the Local & National Leather Community in general - left us on April 23.

Jay wanted us to have a party, so let's have one.

Let's get together to celebrate our dear friend with a open mic for those with a 90 sec. speech, bring photos of yourself or others that were taken by Jay to share on our memory wall. It has been requested that in lieu of flowers that donations be made to the "JAY LAWTON PROJECT 50 FUND" please contact CHARLIE @ EAGLELA.COM for details.

(Note from Tony: Jay had a dream of completing a book called "Fifty Over Fifty", celebrating the beauty of men past the age of fifty. He was struggling to find enough men to complete the dream, so I helped him come to San Diego and gain access to our fine men here. It was a blast! He told me later that we all helped him complete the full quota. Now, his work needs to be published, and that is why they are taking up a collection.)

3-9pm, Saturday, January 19, 2013

As I have said before, we have the best photographers seeking us out. For decades, it was pointless to gather gear, because chances are pretty good that you would be the only one showing up at the event showing ferocious style.  Now that we have a massive, unified Tribal vibe, the custom leather crafters in town are backlogged for months, the events are well-populated with handsome men looking their masculine best, and we have photographers who want to document our pride and confidence.

Recently, San Diego photographer David Gray took portraits of local men in gear, for free. The glorious results are here

Now, it is happening again, with Jay Lawson of JayPG Photography hosting "Fifty Over Fifty", where he will photograph gay fetishmen "of a certain age". If you are over 50 (and willing to sign a release) you can be part of Project 50. You can wear whatever reflects who you are, or nothing at all:

Project 50 is an ongoing effort to photograph 50 gay men whom are 50 years or older. The objective is twofold; On one level it is an effort to dispel the common impression that if you are gay and over 50 you are no longer considered desirable, this is often an internalized feeling for men over 50, so the second objective is to addresses this by providing these men the opportunity to confront these fears and display to themselves and to the world the unique qualities that make them attractive. These men are survivors; they were at their sexual peak during the AIDS crisis. Many of them; myself included, never dreamed that they would live to see this age. This is the common thread that underlies this series of images.
When the project is completed each of the 50 portraits will be printed on a 16 x 24 sheet of metal and displayed together in a gallery. 
If you are interested in participating please contact me at

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