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Friday, April 4, 2014

Photos and Audio From Aaron's Bon Voyage Dinner

These excellent photos are by our own Scott Smith, who continues to document our history.

Thursday, April 3, 2014:

There was a dinner at DiMille's Italian Restaurant on the patio, in honor of our brother Aaron, who was Mr. San Diego Leather 2012, and then American Leatherman 2013.  Titles aside, he has been a major force for brotherhood in our local Tribe. He has been a consummate ambassador, shuttling from city to city, spreading the philosophy of being open-hearted and caring, and representing those of us cheering him on, back home. 

He has set a very high bar for those who follow, but the men who are stepping up to fill the gap are eager to take on the challenge in their own ways.

This dinner was our chance to let him know that he is loved, admired, and has influenced us in wonderful ways.

As more and more men arrived, more tables had to be added!

Time to speak from the heart.

Telling us what his journey has been like.

Time for Dan's Powerpoint tribute to Aaron!

As Aaron heads off to continue making history, our newest brothers are stepping up to fill the gap.

Pre-Event Publicity:

Our brother Aaron is heading off to his new career in Los Angeles. It's sad to see him go, but it will be a wonderful move up in income and opportunity for him.

Rather than just have him pack up and disappear silently, leaving an Aaron-sized hole in our hearts, this will be your chance to let him know what he has meant to you so far in your life. He has made a huge impact in the time that he has been among us. It's time to tell him so, and provide some affectionate closure for him, and for us.

This isn't "goodbye", it's "Bon Voyage!"

Due to the limited seating, we will need an RSVP (mentioning the dinner, specifically) at SignMeUpForEvent - Thanks for your patience!

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