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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Review of Club X Black & White Party, April 19, 2014

First of all, I haven't got a single bad thing to say.  This is a rave review. I left deeply satisfied on many levels.

A few of the brothers from FetishMenSanDiego came to check out the action at the recent Club X play party:

- The party was perfectly produced, laid-out, furnished, and staffed. This is a Class Act: the team clearly cares about the result.  I've seen bigger events, and flashier events, but this one was just right.  Any bigger and it would have been too much. It sold-out early, with 125 attendees.

- I honestly suspect that the folks there were turning themselves inside out to convince us gay guys that they were just as sweet, just as intimate and just as available for friendship as their brothers in FMSD have shown ourselves to be.  I totally get that, and I believe it. This new generation of folks are damn nice. The previous team did a great job of teaching them, but I also see a whole new energy that is delightful to see. At all times, I felt like red carpets were being rolled out in front of me, with rose-petals raining down in my path. It was all heartfelt and authentic.

- On that same topic, I kept hearing the same thing all night (and I'm paraphrasing): "Club X was started by gay leathermen, and we really want our brothers back in the mix."  I think I heard a variation of this from at least ten folks, and each time, it was said with great passion.  We are missed, guys.  Our sisters and brothers want the Family Reunions to include the entire family.  I'm doing a lot of pondering on this topic.

- The folks who staffed this event worked as though their lives depended on it.  I'd be able to distract them for a few seconds, but each time, I'd be asked to come back at the end of their shift, because they had a job to do.  I'm deeply impressed by that.  That level of dedication has to be cultural, and baked right in.  It doesn't show up any other way.

- I play with gay males all of the time.  I recommend it to everybody... AND, I had a blast playing with folks of every type at this party.  There's a different dynamic, with each different person, but it's never anything less than wonderful.  I got to connect on a really good level with everybody who crossed my path.  If you're looking to learn, this is a GREAT way to learn new styles, new techniques and new ways to interact.  Superb role-modeling and social-interaction opportunities everywhere.

- It was visually SPLENDID.  My lord - what a show!  These folks know how to kick out the JAMS!

I wish that I could take my visual memories and place them here for everybody to share.  Since I can't, I urge my gay-male brothers to come to the NEXT Club X Play Party with me - I don't want to miss a single one!

From Frank, to the Club X team:

Chuck and I wanted to let you know the club threw a terrific party last night.

I’m new to the scene and Chuck is a football field behind me trying to decide if it’s for him. In November 2013 I attended a Body Electric: Power, Surrender, Intimacy workshop and that was what turned me on to BDSM.

This was our first play party and your DMs made us feel very comfortable. We appreciated that not only as a gay couple but as first timers.

The space was laid out well and the variety of scenes that were going on was incredible. I particularly appreciated the women that were expressive submissives and just beautiful to watch. I am a painter by hobby and have trained painting nudes, there were times I wished I had a canvas with me.

I also work in healthcare and appreciated the time taken to orient us to safe, healthy practices while playing; particularly the hygiene of the equipment and Muffin’s needlework was exceptional.
I hope we will be seeing more of each other.

As with Papa Tony I think the work that you guys do is valued and necessary.

I do have questions about pan-sexual gatherings and relationships that perhaps one day we could discuss.

But for now Thank You for a GREAT first time experience, Frank and Chuck

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