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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dancing Starts in NOVEMBER, with a HUGE DIFFERENCE

The folks at the Flame discovered that the previous manager had promised the October FMSD dance party's date to other people previously.  So, we will start the FETISHMEN TEA DANCE in November, in order to have more time to spread the new theme around:

Not to seem too mysterious, but our first FETISHMEN TEA DANCE is going to be so far outside the box you won't believe it.  I've been running the new concept (I just came up with it today) past a bunch of trusted fetishmen in town, and they agree that this will be unlike any dance party you've ever attended, but in a superb, celebratory and thoroughly Tribal way.  It's going to be massive. EXACTLY what FMSD is all about. People will be talking about this one for years.  Seriously.  I'll prove it.

More soon - I must get some rest. I've been stumbling over my words and my thoughts because I haven't fully recuperated since Folsom - Too busy working. I want to tell all, in a way that spreads the joyful news everywhere, and effectively. You'll be the first to know, as soon as I do it.

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