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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Puppy Events at Folsom

From: Michael Lobo <>

The San Diego Pup's are gonna get a bit active during Folsom by trying to start a new tradition. The following Pup events during Folsom Street are open to any members that are interesting in learning about Puppy Play, Handling & Training or just want to meet and socialize with some pups. These are all social events so no protocol is needed...


OK this is the Official announcement!
Puppy Alert!
Friday, September 24th Puppies are to gather at the statue near the Golden Gate Bridge at 11:00pm, wearing what ever gear you want.
At 12:00, we "Go for a walk!" there will be a "HOWL" when we get to the middle.
We are meeting at the pup dinner first for meal time, then at the statue for walkies!!!

Please pass this on to every Puppy that you know!

Rubberdawg, ZigZag, Dragz, Phoenix, and Zephyr
AKA, The SDPP Woof!

Folsom Pup Dinner
Sponsored by San Francisco K-9 Unit


Folsom Pup Dinner


Friday September 24, 2010


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Don Ramons

ARF ARF ARF!!!!!!!!

To all pups, dogs mutts, and Handlers:

Folsom Street Fair is just around the corner, which means it is time for another “Pup Dinner” . I have received a number of emails asking if we are going to have another pup dinner during Folsom weekend. YES!!!!! YAY!!!! We will have our annual dinner at Don Ramon’s once again. This is a great opportunity for us to get together and have some fun. We will have a space where we can romp around and eat our of our dog bowls. As before, we will be dining in the space upstairs. Since this event is in a public space, please be respectful and dress appropriately. NO NUDITY ALLOWED. Also, if you plan on eating out of your dog bowls, please try and not make a HUGE mess. J I know that might be difficult for some of you. Come and join the rest of the pack and celebrate who we are and what we enjoy doing.

Just like the Pup Dinner during Dore Alley weekend and last years dinner for Folsom, we will have a fixed rate and a fixed menu in which you are allowed to pick “ONE” of four choices on the menu for $23. Each meal includes water, soda, tea or coffee (ONLY). If you wish to order any type of alcoholic drink you will need to go to the bar and order it on your own. Don Ramon’s has also offered to handle all the transactions for each person. Don Ramon’s will have a table positioned at the bottom of the stairs for us to pay for our meal. Don Ramon’s has requested that we pay in cash, they can take debit card or credit card, but they will have to walk over to the register to make those transactions. When you have purchased the meal, Don Ramon’s will ask which option you would like from this list provided. Once you have you’re your choice, you will receive a colored ticket which you will give to the waiter. Below is the information about the event including the dinner menu.

Sunday, September 26th
12:30p, right next to Powerhouse (Folsom & Dore), on Folsom Street

Hey, pups! Time for the next Pack Howl, this time at Folsom Street Fair.

Should be early enough to avoid the crushing crowds but late enough to let some of you pups sleep a little late before putting on your paws and tails.


Pup Phoenix
Co-Founding Pup
San Diego Puppy Patrol

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