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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Excellent, Fetish-Friendly Tailor in San Diego

If you had attended the STRICT DRESSCODE night at the Eagle last week, you would have seen me wearing my new, freshly-tailored cop uniform. I'm a big, tall guy, and if I buy a long-sleeved shirt that has the right arm-length and neck-width, you can easily fit two men of my ample proportions inside the rest of the shirt. I'm not sure why manufacturers do that.

So, when I bought the small version of the San Francisco Policemen's formal uniform, and had the patches, insignia and gold buttons transferred to the newer shirt I bought from California Uniforms at Park and Robinson, it still fit me like a caftan or a muumuu.  NOT the look I was aiming for!

After calling around and searching on Google Maps, I found the ideal tailor... an asian gentleman named Mins:

L & A Tailoring
2917 University Ave (just a couple of doors west of the corner of 30th and University)
San Diego CA

He did a superb job, tightening up the fit on the sides and inside the length of the sleeves. He did flawless work inside, and the shirt looks like it was made exactly for ME, all along.  Twenty bucks and 24 hours to make a perfect fit that will last the life of the shirt (which will probably be the rest of my life - Daddy's not getting any younger!). Mins didn't act like I was an alien or a wierdo for having fetish gear that was clearly not in his usual line of work. ,

He was super-friendly and helpful, and I'm 100% satisfied.

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