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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Request for Reviews from Last Night's Event

Last night's STRICT DRESSCODE night was an experiment, and a good learning experience. We had fewer attendees than the last event we had at the Eagle, and I suspect that the biggest problem was the fact that it was on a Wednesday. Live and learn.

However, in my experience, it was probably the most enthusiastic event we've had so far. I spoke to a lot of men last night, and they were either bubbling over with ideas and excitement (if they were already connected with FMSD), or practically snatching the FMSD cards out of my hands if this was their first experience with us. I predict a sudden bump in membership.

Frankly, it wasn't so very "STRICT" after all, and that was intentional. San Diego's fetishmen community hasn't had a long history of rigorous events, and it takes time to build up a tradition so that folks can plan and equip themselves for such a concept.

So, instead of picking guys up and throwing them out the door if they dared to show up in their street clothes (and there were a lot of them coming in), I decided to explain the theme to each new guy coming in, and make the following request:

"If you can't show up in full leather, or rubber, or uniform or other kinds of fetishwear, we request that you take your shirt off and make the rest of us very happy!" This seemed to keep everybody pretty jolly all night, which was the goal all along. I mean, really - Imagine a leather bar with men in spandex, leather, rubber, uniforms and bare chests. The roar of happy conversation was continuous, once the party got into full swing. I'm really happy with how it turned out.

How was it for you?

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